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Dior Spring 2012 Makeup Collection: Garden Party

  Thursday 12th January 2012

This New Year, trust the mavericks at Christian Dior to make it spectacular for you.

The fashion giants have launched their latest make-up collection aptly named Garden Party. The spring make-up collection consists of eye shadows in prettiest greens and pastels nail lacquers, rosy blush and lip glosses for those kissable lips.

As if we needed any more temptation, the fashion house has also thrown in a Garden Clutch: an elegant hand-crafted clutch which contains three beautiful spring-themed eye shadows, one Dior Ultra-Addict Gloss, and one lip maximiser for the perfect pout. Keeping the garden party spirit in mind, the clutch features a glossy light pink leather-like shell and comes adorned with a woven pattern and rosebud clasps.

The Dior-5 Couleurs Palette Edition contains eye shadows in cool shades of pinks, greens and violets. Light and feminine, it makes your eyes pop, without making you look like traffic lights; the garden pastels #441 has shades of pale pink, buttercup yellow and luminous greens whereas garden roses#841 comes in soft pinks, Parma violet, silver and purple. The eye shadows are embossed with a floral pattern inspired by embroidered designs on delicate tulle.

The rose-scented Garden Party Dior Vernis nail lacquers are meant to uplift any spring outfits. Waterlily #504 comes in natural toned in soft green while Forget Me Not #694 comes in light mauve shade.

The Rosy Glow Blush is as light as a feather and gives you radiant rosy cheeks. Unlike previous glow blushers, this one will adjust and blend to your skin colour just like the cream blushers.

 The Dior Ultra-Addict Gloss is as vibrant as the spring flowers. There are three shades to choose from: Socialite Pink #152, Party Lilac #396 and Pretty Rose #452.

This collection was inspired from the beautiful gardens in Granville, Normandy, in northwestern France, home to legendary couturier Christian Dior where he built a house on an edge of a cliff surrounded by a luscious garden full of roses. The collection is thus an ode to the vibrant colors of spring in Granville: pastels, soft pinks, light greens and lilacs.

Dhanya Nair

Can’t wait to get pretty in pink, check out:

Price list approximately:

Garden Clutch £49

5 Couleurs Palette Garden Edition £39

Dior Vernis Garden Party £15 (limited edition) 

Rosy Glow Blush £18

Dior Ultra-Addict Gloss £18



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