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Step by step guide to get ready for mobile bingo pay with phone bill

  Tuesday 12th February 2013

Mobile bingo games are an emerging genre and technology plays a major role; this is our step by step guide on how to enjoy this new exciting service.

Bingo games are designed and will work with any mobile phone and smartphone operating systems. Phones just need to be capable of connecting to the internet (which can be through wi-fi, 3G or 4G). Nevertheless, there is a need for registration after downloading the app . Once you have downloaded the app, registering is easy and simple because it is straightforward. Most of the time the process of registration will need information such as your name, address, zip code and date of birth. This information is necessary in order to make sure the account being created is valid. Username and password is created together with the submission of the personal information and these two will serve as security as well as protection for your account. After the verification process, you can now start the app.

Most of the mobile bingo developers offer promotions such as a welcome bonus for players depositing for the first time. The welcome bonus is in the form of additional cash in their account. Some developers have free play of bingo by awarding small amount of money for new members to begin their game. Another bonus is the re-deposit bonus in which a player will be given a certain percentage of bonus in his succeeding deposits. Fortunately, depositing to your account is done conveniently now that you can pay with your phone bill. Most of the mobile sites utilise this form of payment. Of course, most of the developers and providers of these apps prefer credit card payments.

The withdrawal process is made simple and easy. Most providers have simple and user-friendly banking options where there is a menu for withdrawing your earnings. There are bingo sites paying with players through checks, some directly to the preferred credit cards or payment processor of their players and these things can be done using your smartphones or even with your tablet device. Some of the sites offer to play the bingo game with no deposit required, even on the mobile. Players are not required to pay for their deposit and then after downloading the apps and finished the registration, players can immediately start playing the game. You can read more information on mobile bingo no deposit here.

Playing mobile bingo games through smartphone or tablet devices and even in laptop and desktop computers provides convenience in playing the traditional bingo games – the 75, 80 and 90 balls and you can enjoy it with your friends at the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

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