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Friday 21st November 2014
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Contact lenses for your lifestyle

  Thursday 9th January 2014
  Thursday 9th January 2014

Contact lenses are one of life’s great conveniences. Traditionally, a lot of people are not able to utilise contact lenses because they have an eye condition, or are perhaps squeamish about putting a foreign body into their eyes. To some degree a large proportion of people still believe that contact lenses aren’t for them; however, modern technology and many leaps forward in contact lens development means that there are now products suitable for almost all spectacle wearers.

One of the most convenient types of modern lens is known as the soft lens. These suit a large variety of users and also come in various forms for ease of insertion. Soft lenses are made from a flexible plastic or silicone that allows oxygen to permeate through them to keep the eye nourished throughout the day.

Disposable lenses, as their name suggests, are used for one daily only and are then thrown away. The huge advantage of this is that there’s no cleaning required. They do tend to be a little more expensive, but many people don’t mind the increased price because of the advantages they gain.

Extended lenses are also available, and these come in a range of options, from lenses that last a week, to those that can be slept in and only need replacing once a month. The disadvantage of these lenses when compared to dailies is that they need to be removed and cleaned over night in a sterile solution; apart from the extended day and night lenses. However, they are a cheaper option and still provide wearers with a simple way to correct their vision with minimal effect on daily life.

In the past, many people who suffered from eye conditions couldn’t utilise lenses at all, and had to stick to glasses, however, this is no longer the case. Lenses have also been developed for bi-focal vision, astigmatism and even ortho-k lenses that will reshape the cornea as they’re being worn. has a large amount of information on the lens types available and can help individuals to decide which lens best suits their needs.

With modern life being so hectic and fast-paced, contact lenses are the ideal option for many people. For sports enthusiasts they’re particularly useful, as they provide perfect peripheral vision and are much safer than spectacles when playing active sports. In addition, lenses won’t fog up or get splattered with mud and rain. Many people also prefer to wear lenses because they find spectacles do not suit their face shape.

There are some important points to consider for those thinking about wearing contact lenses. Firstly, the initial examination often takes longer and users are required to have more frequent checks to ensure their eyes remain healthy. Apart from daily disposables or day and night lenses, products also need to be cleaned and cared for overnight so that eye infections don’t occur. The cost involved is also considerably more than buying a pair of spectacles.

Contact lenses are now an option for everyone, with lenses being comfortable and easy to wear. They can also be interchanged with glasses, making them an ideal accessory for modern life.

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