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Adopt a better lifestyle: bike to work

  Tuesday 18th March 2014

Biking to work has far more benefits than negatives. It saves companies and employees money on vehicle expenses. It also cuts down on pollution and provides a way to get in shape.

A ride to work scheme may be a service that is provided by an employer. This is sometimes in an attempt to prevent tardy employees that use public transportation. It is also in an effort to maintain the environment and gain tax exemptions.

Below are some of the most prevalent lifestyle benefitting reasons to consider this method of transport to work:

Financial benefits of using a cycle scheme

Far beyond the tax exemptions and monies saved by a company, the list of benefits grows. Companies are able to use the funds spent on a ride to work programme as a tax exemption. This includes the service, bike loans and some equipment.

Employees are not able to claim these same expenses unless they provide their own safety equipment.

Many companies have company-use vehicles. The cost of maintaining these vehicles is more than ten times the cost of a cycle scheme programme and paying loans on bikes. The maintenance and fuel costs are gone immediately.

Muscle groups used

When you use a bike to work method, you are also getting in shape at the same time. This is beneficial for businesses as there healthier employees are far more productive.

Consider the time it will take to build up stamina with some employees. Some are just not physically able to do this type of physical activity. They will need an alternative option.

Nearly every muscle group in the body is used when biking to work. Some of the major groups include:

  • Calves
  • Thighs
  • Stomach
  • Feet
  • Back
  • Arms

These major areas of the body all contain muscles. The activities of biking to work build strength.

Teaches discipline

Another major benefit to using a programme like this is the discipline that is instilled into employees. A strong work ethic can be gained from biking to work. It takes more work to get to the job, which makes employees more determined to get there.

Discipline is also instilled into employees as time management and organisation come into play. A person biking to work must prepare to leave earlier. It also requires that they keep items taken with them to a minimum.

Organising work files into a computer file system rather than paper files reduces the weight carried. This allows the biker to travel faster and with less strain.

Begins a healthy routine

Other than gaining discipline and tax exemptions, biking to work helps to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Stress relief from the daily exercise keeps company workers more focused. Stress is a big distraction.

Productivity increases as employees have more positive energies flowing through their bodies. With regular exercise, people often adopt healthier eating habits. This in turn boosts the immune system.

Healthier employees means less sick days and fewer days of being understaffed.

Frees up more company monies

Rather than maintaining vehicles and leaving employees without a way to get to work, biking schemes save funding. Vehicle maintenance fees cost thousands yearly. Bike loans and equipment cost far less.

Removing vehicle usage eliminates the requirement for parking space. Not having to pay rental fees on car parking is another way to free up money. Extra funds can be used for company improvements, employee wage increases and outings.

If a company plans to expand or develop a new product, these available funds will do that. The tax exemptions from using this method also open up more funding. Successful businesses with proper funding provide job security.

Along with adopting a better lifestyle individually, companies reap a lot of benefits from riding to work rather than driving.

Healthier and more productive lifestyles benefit companies. Employees are more capable of performing their job duties from the stress relief. It also helps them to appreciate their jobs more.

This is a lifestyle that companies can adopt to promote healthy practices for employees and the environment. Riding to work is a multi-faceted benefit. It is environmentally safe as it helps companies to save money and employees to get healthy.

The savings and tax exemptions alone are enough to make a company want to switch to this type of programme.

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