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Overcoming bedroom boredom: 5 ways to improve your love life

  Tuesday 25th March 2014

Let’s face it: no matter what kind of relationship you find yourself in, life in the bedroom can become stale after a while. Anybody not enjoying the new beginnings or the honeymoon phase of marriage has to manage the passion in their relationship. So, how can you maintain that spark in the relationship?

Check out the following tips on how to spice up your love life, especially in the bedroom.

Respect each other

When trying to improve your love life, you need to learn to truly respect other people, including their differences. Every person has differences, but the closer you get to somebody the clearer they become, especially when you connect over what you have in common. If you both can learn to respect each other fully, you’ll create an environment where you both feel safe, especially when talking about sensitive issues on love and intimacy.

A key part of learning respect comes with learning to truly listen to others. Listening doesn’t consist of sitting passively and letting your partner talk. Instead, you have to actively hear what they say. If you can’t change your perspective upon listening, you aren’t truly allowing yourself to hear your partner. Love thrives when you communicate constructively and effectively. Really let yourself latch on to their every word, and do your best to connect to those words based on your personal experiences with yourself and with your partner.

Stay healthy


All people, men and women, increase their attraction by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Since we biologically find reproducible traits attractive, the healthier you stay, the better. Continuous exercise offers the best way to stay healthy, as it keeps you active and increases blood flow. A stagnant blood flow often leads to a decrease in sexual passion. Alcohol, smoke, and fatty diets can decrease your blood flow and affect your performance in the bedroom. It’s essential to keep your body in shape for anybody trying to support a passionate love life.

Don’t forget to include your teeth in your health process. Crooked or yellowed teeth can turn a partner off faster than most hygiene issues. If you want to learn more about keeping your teeth healthy, check out this infographic about cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Keep flirting


Everybody loves to flirt; if they say they don’t, they’re just scared. Women especially need to flirt; it helps produce oxytocin, the feel-good hormone that plays a key role in women’s intimate relationships. It doesn’t matter whom you flirt with as long as it stays innocent. But as long as you flirt, make sure to continue to flirt with your partner as well. The more you flirt with your partner, the more you can keep the relationship feeling fresh and interesting.

Flirting can also help you relax and take your mind off of stresses and pressures. It can remind both of you how can keep a relationship light-hearted while maintaining intense passion.

Cuddle often


Simply curling up with your partner can really increase the passion. Allowing your bodies to exchange energy in a low-key, relaxed way helps improve the contrast of slamming your bodies together, as cheeky as that may sound. Taking care of each other’s bodies with love and comfort often leads to a healthy build of sexual energy.

Take time to allow yourselves to feel the differences in each other’s bodies. Different smells and different feels, when combined with the comfort you feel in their arms, can trigger an increase in sexual desire. Try spooning at night, giving each other quick naughty pats or rubs in the middle of the day (as long as nobody’s looking), or even try rubbing each other’s feet. Relaxation and comfort open the floodgates of sexual passion.

Have new and exciting experiences


Experiencing exciting things together can rekindle the flame that you felt when you first met. Don’t fear initiating it; even if your partner feels iffy at first, they’ll respect that it’s a new experience for you too. New experiences improve people’s happiness and open their minds — two powerful effects when your lover participates. Find something exciting to do, like riding on a roller coaster or rock climbing. Go to the movies and watch something scary. Anything that heightens your emotions usually leads to a more intimate connection.

Embrace your partner and allow the passion to flow through the both of you!

Benjamin Ferguson
Photos: Julian Mason (1), Hanumann (2), Mdpai75 (3), Cabaret Voltaire (4)

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