News & Features – The Upcoming Culture, trends, fashion from London and beyond | The Upcoming Mon, 20 Nov 2017 15:46:15 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The New Vogue strives to make Britain great again Thu, 16 Nov 2017 13:30:25 +0000 As a whole, 2017 for the United Kingdom can be described as simply and pessimistically as the country’s weather: miserable. With Brexit hanging over us like an unwelcome rain cloud and a series of devastating terrorist attacks striking like lightning, it is fair to say the country has had better years.

When the news broke that long-term editor-in-chief of British Vogue Alexandra Shulman would be leaving the magazine after serving 25-years at the helm, for those in the industry it felt like added trepidation in already tumultuous times. Whether you’re a fashion fanatic or not, for many British Vogue is comfortably engrained in the very nature of the country. It is a constant figurehead in many people’s lives – strong, stable (sorry) and undoubtedly iconic.  

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However, the December 2017 issue is a ray of sunshine is a consistently dismal year. The first edition of British Vogue edited by newly appointed Edward Enninful is a celebration of the UK. With the apt cover line “Great Britain”, the magazine is truly a commemoration of the best of our country. With famous British names such as Cara Delevingne, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Christopher Bailey featuring on the cover, the championing of the nation is clear from the offset. Articles throughout follow the theme such as “Love letters to Britain” discussed alongside comments on pillars of society such as the Queen and famous nightspot Annabel’s.


This edition marks the beginning of a new era. Thoughtful and significant commentary by key figures such as Zadie Smith, alongside beautiful imagery such as Juergen Teller’s Remain shoot brings the content back to the poignant side of relevant. Enninful has given a voice back to British Vogue, yielding it a sense of direction in a world where print magazines are on the decrease. Most importantly, Vogue has been updated, with its cover alone feeling significantly artistic in comparison to past editions.

Vogue has been rebirthed as a magazine where diversity is integral and there is substance as well as style. Most importantly, it has become a magazine that truly evokes the notion of a Great Britain.

Eleanor Oaten

How to wear a beret Mon, 13 Nov 2017 09:00:18 +0000 For a long time berets were only worn by the French, the military and you aged 13 on a school trip to Normandy thinking you were French. This season Maria Grazia Chiuri sent a parade of models down the catwalk in leatherette berets at Dior AW17 and SS18, sparking a trickle down into high street stores. So autumn’s hottest accessory was reinvented and has been seen on everyone from bloggers and celebrities to your girl crush on the tube. The time is officially nigh: the beret is big. While you shudder at the thought of 13-year-old you, here is some musings on the beret trend if not yet brave enough to buy.

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Despite being one of autumn’s biggest key buys, the beret is hard. The line between mime artist and cool Parisian girl is very slim making it difficult to get a good balance between chic and comical. But while it’s all very well a 6’2″ Amazonian goddess/model sporting the trend, it’s not always so easy for the everyday girl to write their very own ode to the beret. In the interest of saving you from getting ogled on your commute, consider these few tips.

Know your angles

After scouring Instagram and blogs (plus a few dodgy test runs), the conclusion has been drawn that the beret is best worn slightly in front of your hair line at a backwards tilt. Feel free to play around, but this method is tried and tested and should save you from looking like you’ve just joined the marines.

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Keep it simple

Sticking to the clichés: simplicity is the key. While a zebra print beret might look fun, imagine it on your head. Avoid busy prints or quirky shapes as the beret speaks for itself. Opt for ditsy prints such as small stars or pearls to keep the outfit understated and cool. The beret is maximalist enough already.

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How about a pop?

It is true what they say, the addition of a good accessory can transform an outfit so go for bright colours, such as the shade of the season, red. A splash of vivid colour will put your outfit back on the fashion radar and plunge you right into the new season – fast.

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Seven ways to stay motivated in winter Tue, 07 Nov 2017 09:00:50 +0000 The days are shorter and there is a serious lack of sunshine time. You leave and come home in the dark and being deprived of your duvet doesn’t bare thinking about. Don’t settle for the winter blues just yet though; here are seven great ways to make sure you stay happy and motivated during these colder months!

Make lists

When you’re feeling sluggish it’s hard to stay on top of all you have to do. But why wait until the New Year to get super organised? Making lists of the tasks you need to complete will ease you through seemingly shorter days and you can even use it as an excuse to buy some super cute stationery.


If you don’t feel like braving the cold for your morning run we don’t blame you! Instead try shorter bursts of exercise such as HIIT workouts at home instead. You can still burn those calories – minus the wind and rain!

Get up earlier

Earlier?! Yes, it sounds crazy. The alarm goes off and it still feels like the middle of the night, but jumping in to a nice warm shower just that bit earlier will not only start your morning right. You’ll also make the most of the day light hours before the early sunset.

Enjoy the outside world

It’s easy planning outside activities during the summer but winter is just as if not more beautiful. Enjoy the crisp winter air by taking yourself on a walk or a light jog to really appreciate this stunning season.

Relax and reward yourself

Take a bath, paint your nails, maybe even treat yourself to an early Christmas present. With all of these cold dark mornings a little treat is just what you need to keep your spirits high.

Make plans

With winter, comes Christmas, and with Christmas comes markets! Give yourself something to look forward to and see what wintery events are happening near you. Wrap up, meet a friend and enjoy the festivities.


With the lack of day light your body produces more of the hormone melatonin which makes you sleepier but don’t be fooled! We need the same amount of sleep in winter as in summer. Aim for around eight hours a night and keep a consistent bed time.

Sophie Cook

A slim future for skinnies Wed, 01 Nov 2017 14:00:14 +0000 Once upon a time (or for the last decade, at least), the suggestion of wearing anything but jeans that wrap your thighs in a stretchy, elasticated denim – reminiscent of playdough squeezing out of a mould – would have received blank stares.

Skinny jeans have been a staple in every girl’s wardrobe since Kate Moss stepped out in them in the 2000s. But, in 2017 the tables are turning: fashion is looking back at old school icons like Jane Birkin for inspiration.

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If you’re fed up of squeezing into your skinnies after a weekend of fast food that you’d rather forget, then fret not, the denim market is opening up to a wide variety of different designs in a range of softer silhouettes. Ditch your drain pipes in favour of a more relaxed style that equally is more forgiving and oozes chic. Think Debbie Harry in high-waisted, straight-leg jeans and give them a chance!

There will no longer be the struggle of shimmying into a pair of stick-ons as the rigid material glides over you calves. For those of you that have often been left feeling overexposed as you try to follow the skinny trend, a pair of straight-legged, crop flared or mom jeans will be like you’re saying hello to an old friend. With flattering high-rise waists, a wider leg than will balance out your proportions and denim that does not fade – we’re talking to you black skinnies – you’ll never go back.

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Make like your favourite influencer and toughen up pale washes with leather jackets to emphasise rock chic vibes or play on the notion of Scandi-cool with an oversized knit: the options are endless. And while customisation has been key the last few seasons, let time do its work by allowing wear and tear take charge, giving your items some personality.

Alternatively whip out the scissors and cut, fray or stitch to create little quirks, such as step hems, to stand out from the crowd and inflict some character upon them. Just scoop up an iconic Vetements pair for an eye-watering price tag of $790 or opt for the ASOS Farleigh jean at £35 in a vintage wash or alike: bang on-trend and comfortable.

Eleanor Oaten

Topshop x Stranger Things launches Mon, 30 Oct 2017 09:35:42 +0000 Topshop are bringing your favourite Netflix binge to life in your wardrobe with the release of their Stranger Things merchandise. To coincide with the premier of season two, Netflix and Topshop have joined forces to create a capsule collection of clothing available to buy now: it could even stop your desire for a shaven head like Eleven (temporarily).

With designer Louis Vuitton catching on to the trend with Stranger Things inspired pieces featuring at their SS18 fashion show, expect to see the series booming in every corner of pop culture very soon. The exclusive range is available now in store and online sporting a selection of items ranging from T-shirts and jumpers to baseball hats and lunch boxes. Slogan pieces and iconic bags permeate the range ensuring not only do you look on trend, but on brand while you watch your favourite show.

Topshop promises to bring fans an immersive experience that will ensure they are suitably prepared for the drop of the new series. Until Halloween the flagship store on Oxford Street will be turned into a Stranger Things-inspired world ensuring that fans can get their fix and are ready for the binging to begin.

To see which items you’ll be living in for the next few weeks scroll down…

Logo sweatshirt, £32

Lunch box, £20

Slogan T-shirt, £20

Logo cap, £18

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Best female style icons on television Thu, 26 Oct 2017 09:10:06 +0000 If you’re looking for style inspiration you need only to switch on your television and take a look at the most popular dramas and sitcoms from the past few decades. TV characters have, and continue, to give us some of the most iconic and inspiring fashion moments we have ever seen. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular, and some maybe overlooked, style icons on the small screen.

Jessica Day – New Girl

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She’s cute and quirky with a passion for prints. If you love the pretty and preppy look, Jessica Day is your gal. Jess’s outfits feel accessible, totally adorable and feminine. Pumps and Polka dots all the way!

Haley Dunphy – Modern Family

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As the series have progressed, so has Haley’s style. From earlier pretty dresses, floral tops and denim skirts, Haley now has a look that is wearable in everyday life but now has a distinct character and edge.


Amanda Tannen – Ugly Betty

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Mode Magazine’s receptionist and notorious gossip Amanda Tannen, with her repeatedly outrageous and innovative outfits, really was a sight to behold.

Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen – Gossip Girl

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As the queens of Constance, S & B had us drooling over their seemingly endless array of designer outfits and couture gowns. Who could forget Blair’s pale blue Elie Saab wedding gown, or Serena’s gold cotillion dress?! Not that we miss the show at all…sigh.

Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda – Sex and the City

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Though Carrie Bradshaw’s enviable and brilliantly quirky street style was perhaps the most memorable, the show cleverly gave us four lovely ladies each with gorgeous style that was completely unique to them.

Peggy Carter – Marvel’s Agent Carter

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This show is worth watching for Peggy’s jumpsuits alone. Classy and chic at every turn, every single one of Peggy’s looks was a knockout.

Sophie Cook

Gucci goes fur-free Mon, 23 Oct 2017 11:00:26 +0000 The Gucci girl might symbolise quintessentially retro fashion, but creative director Alessandro Michele is ensuring that the fashion giant is not stuck in the past. The luxury Italian fashion house has announced that they will be going fur-free in 2018.

During a talk at the London College of Fashion Marco Bizzarri, Gucci’s CEO, reported that the brand would be going fur-free as the material is no longer “modern”, despite the Fur Trade being valued at around $40 billion. As a brand that credits itself on “redefining modern luxury fashion”, it is a step that, so far, has received much praise.

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CEO Bizzarri credited Michele, who was appointed in 2015, for influencing the decision and asserted that the step would help to indicate the brand’s “absolute commitment to making sustainability an intrinsic part of our business”.

In a move that will be welcomed by animal rights activists, Gucci will no longer include coyte, mink, fox, rabbit or karakul in the production of their items. On stage at the 2017 Kering Talk at LCF, Bizzarri said, “Being socially responsible is one of Gucci’s core values, and we will continue to strive to do better for the environment and animals”.

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The move will begin with their spring/summer 2018, which will be sold at the start of the year, with the remaining fur items being auctioned off, and proceeds being given to animal rights organisation Humane Society International and LAV.

Gucci will also join the Fur-Free Alliance: a group of international organisations that promote animal welfare. Many hope that this long awaited announcement will create a ripple effect across the industry and influence other designers to follow suit.

With many other prestigious brands such as Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren already advocating for a fur-free fashion industry, seems that progress certainly being made. After all, as Bizzarri declared, “Creativity can jump in many different directions instead of using furs”.

Eleanor Oaten

World Mental Health Day 2017: Inspiring social media posts and helpful accounts Wed, 18 Oct 2017 11:09:16 +0000 10th October was World Mental Health Day, a day to stop and think about the importance of mental health. Mental wellbeing isn’t a given, and for some it is a struggle just to make it through the day. Sadly there is still a taboo on speaking about mental health issues and a lot of stigmatisation around the subject. Days like World Mental Health Day are important to break that taboo so we are sharing some of our favourite social media posts and accounts.

Lady Gaga made no secret of her own mental health issues and shared several Instagram posts in honour of this World Mental Health Day. She even went live on the social media website, inviting her followers to join her in meditation and/or prayer.

Project Semicolon was started in 2013 by Amy Bleuel, who had lost her father to suicide. The project is built on the belief that suicide can be prevented and aims to reduce incidents. The semicolon itself was chosen because ït represents continuance. “Authors usually use the semicolon when they choose not to end the sentence,” Bleuel explained in the post. The punctuation mark has become a symbol of hope in the community, with people going as far has having it tattooed on their bodies as a permanent reminder that they can continue their story. On the Project Semicolon website you can find resources to help you cope with a range of mental health issues and connect with people when needed.

Al Jazeera shared an article about the NGO Action Against Hunger, which has trained local medical students and teachers to identify children with PTSD in the Central African Republic. The charity is now running sessions to help these children begin their healing process and deal with symptoms of PTSD, such as developmental disorders, night terrors and bedwetting.

Nev Schulman, best known for his documentary Catfish and the MTV series of the same name, shared a short video in support of HeForShe about mental health and gender roles. The Samaritans Suicide Statistics Report 2017 showed that male suicide rates compared to female suicide rates in England are three times higher. Part of the reason so many men are at risk of suicide can be found in traditional gender roles. In the video Nev explains that boys are often told that men don’t cry, and many men do not feel comfortable talking about their feelings or seeking professional help. The video calls for men to open up about their feelings instead of bottling up negative emotions in an attempt to reduce these disturbing rates.

Britain’s own David Harewood shared his own story, having been sectioned in his 20s he is now known for his roles in Homeland and Supergirl. He wants to inspire others to speak out about their problems and proves that poor mental health doesn’t have to stand in the way of your dreams.

Save this tweet for a rainy day. Hayley Bell took to twitter with these lovely surprise notes. Pick one at random and feel fuzzy inside.


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The Instagram account of the Suicide Prevention Hotline UK uses it’s feed to share visually striking and soothing images in a creative way. This free to call number was set up by the Samaritans in 2015 and is linked to helplines across the EU that offer emotional support. This is the number to call if you ever feel lost and like you don’t have anybody to talk to, the line is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


It’s world mental health day so I wanted to share something that I hope will either make you feel reassured or offer you the equivalent of a caring hug through this post (I’d be squeezing you in real life if I could). If you have a mental illness, you are not alone. Those feelings you feel where everything is SO intense and you think you couldn’t possibly cope with them any longer, there are other people who feel that way too. Having therapy for my anxiety was the best thing I ever did. It’s hard work, it’s long, it’s challenging & I still have days where I feel I’m taking baby steps or falling behind, but ultimately my end goal is still there. To live a life I WANT, not a life I feel I need to settle with because my mind won’t let me. I’ve had days where I’ve cried for hours wishing I could just be “normal”, but what is normal? Everyone has something they are battling, whether big or small, whether they show it or not. We are all just human & sometimes we need that time to work on ourselves! Don’t be afraid to speak up, to share how you feel and to talk to those close to you! You are not your mental illness, you are so much more than it. You CAN be louder 🗣, you CAN be in control 👍<img src=" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" /> & you CAN be stronger! 💪<img src=" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" /> (If I can, you can too) ❤️

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Zoe Sugg is one of the UK’s biggest YouTube stars. Originally coming to fame through her YouTube channel entitled Zoella, on which she shares lifestyle and beauty videos, she has since launched a beauty line and written several books. Throughout her journey she has never shied away from talking about her own issues with anxiety even becoming the first “digital ambassador” of Mind, the mental health charity.

If you need any help or just someone to talk to



Project Semicolon:

NHS mental health:

Sally Wijers

Emma Stone signed as new face of Louis Vuitton Tue, 17 Oct 2017 14:00:48 +0000 Emma Stone must be feeling like she’s in La La Land after signing a deal with luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

The 28-year-old actress ensured she is still deemed as Hollywood’s hottest property following her Oscar win earlier this year and now being appointed the face of the French fashion house. The Arizona-born babe has apparently been chased by LVMH for almost a year now coming to a deal estimated to be worth up to a staggering $10 million.

The lucrative deal will last two years and was announced on Louis Vuitton’s Instagram with an image of Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière’s and Stone. Ghesquière also celebrated the news with an image of himself and the new ambassador on his personal account, writing, “I am truly happy #emmastone is joining #louisvuitton today as a new ambassador 💙”.

It will throw the Crazy, Stupid, Love actress into centre stage, walking the red carpet in Louis Vuitton clothing, as well as starring in international television and print campaigns. The high-end brand currently has Selena Gomez, Alicia Vikander and Sophie Turner under their wing, so Stone is not in bad company with previous representatives including Angelina Jolie, Muhammad Ali and Gisele Bündchen.

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Stone has already taken to the red carpet in a Louis Vuitton design at the 2017 BFI London Film Festival in  a cold-shoulder dress with contrasting structured ruffled sleeves and soft, floral pleating to promote her new film Battle of the Sexes.

Get used to seeing the Easy A actress’ face on red carpets and billboards worldwide as she dominates the scene with Louis Vuitton.

Eleanor Oaten

Erdem X H&M lookbook reveals every item in the collaboration Tue, 17 Oct 2017 11:35:05 +0000 Back in July of this year H&M revealed Erdem as this year’s designer collaboration. The fashion world has been waiting in eager anticipation of the release of this new collection from the London-based label and we now know what the completely line up will look like as the lookbook has been revealed.

The H&M designer collaborations have become something for fashion fanatics with limited funds to countdown to and, crucially, line up for. Starting with Karl Lagerfeld as their inaugural designer way back when in 2004 we have since seen lines by names such as Kenzo, Balmain and Isabel Marant.

Unsurprisingly, Erdem Moralioglu, the designer behind the label was excited to join this impressive lineup, stating it is an honour to be part of the group. Even though the label is relatively young, founded in 2005, it has an impressive group of fans. Erdem’s designs have been worn by Felicity Jones, Emma Watson and even the Duchess of Cambridge.

The Canadian/Turkish designer is well known for his obsession with flowers and romantic style: “I’ve always been fascinated by things that explore femininity, whether it’s lace or flowers or aesthetics of beauty,” he says. Making it extra exciting that his collection for H&M will be his first to include menswear. Erdem saw this partnership as an opportunity to reflect back on the work he has done in the past decade and to “explore my work on a whole new scale including a menswear collection which I have never done before.”

The items in the Erdem X H&M collection have Erdem’s signature timeless feel. He has a love for telling stories and creating pieces that are both modern and look as if they’ve existed forever at the same time. This love for storytelling couples perfectly with Baz Luhrmann, the film director behind Romeo + Juliet, who create a beautiful teaser trailer for the collaboration.

As expected the collection contains lots of florals but also wooly jumpers, warm jackets and tweed. If you are still looking for items to update your autumn/winter wardrobe you are in luck – Erdem’s collection is perfectly on trend.

If you are desperate to score some of the Erdem X H&M items take note: the collection will be available on 2nd November.

Sally Wijers