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    UK’s party leaders: Unapproachable to the public?

    This year, for the first time ever, seven party heads took their place on live television to duel it out on the Leaders’ Debate. There, laid bare before the curious eyes of Britain, each party’s chief revealed their ideas, personalities and sound bites as the promises and re-worked stats ebbed and flowed...

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    Paid volunteering leave: Way to exploit or encourage employees?

    Up to fifteen million people will be entitled to an extra three days annual leave to undertake voluntary work according to the latest electoral pledge from the Conservative party. The party proposes that any employee working in a company consisting of more than 250 people would be legally entitled to the extra...

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    WhatsApp for votes: A new way to change voter apathy?

    Politicians in Spain have taken a huge step in campaigner-voter relations: Borja Gutiérrez Iglesias, mayor of Brunete, a small town near Madrid, has given his phone number to the 10,000 strong population of the town. The people of Brunete are now able to message him at any time of day via the...