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Album Review: Rebecca Ferguson – Heaven

  Saturday 3rd December 2011

Rebecca Ferguson, a product of The X Factor machine and another name which was typically infamous across the country from September to December last year, then disappeared into Cowell’s oblivion, and came back to produce this Christmas cracker.

Rebecca Ferguson's Heaven is released on December 5.
Rebecca Ferguson’s Heaven is released on December 5th.

When I first heard that Ferguson was to release an album, I was apprehensive. As a huge fan of her wavering vocal chords and classic tones, I was worried that after passing through several money-motivated musical hands, the purity of her voice would have been tarnished, but it genuinely hasn’t been.

Perfect for a Sunday morning or a relaxing car journey, the album is comforting without being boring and is livened up by tracks such as ‘Run Free‘ and ‘Too Good To Lose‘. She does play it safe by singing about love, lost and found: but, just like one of her biggest fans Adele, this is what her voice was made for. I must admit however, although it is a chill-out album, the strength of her voice is a little over-powering at times for such a relaxed vibe. Something that you can’t criticise, but can turn down for the perfect background noise.

It is honorable for Rebecca that she has co-written every track, which demonstrates how real her talent is. She really seems to have found her niche.

Although it is easy-listening, Heaven is one of those records that might need a second listen to be truly appreciated and I can see a number of tracks being used on film. ‘Nothing’s Real But Love‘, which was released last month, is already a hit and is flawless from start to finish. Stuck for gifts this year? Heaven is the perfect stocking filler for mums, daughters and sisters this Christmas.

The album starts and ends on a high, with a debatable dose of lacklustre in the middle. But like Ferguson herself, this album really is a little drop of heaven.

Verdict: ••••

Olivia Red O’Brien

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