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  • Movie review
    The Post

    Katherine Graham (Meryl Streep) has been appointed the new head of the Washington Post, the...

  • Movie review
    The Commuter

    Jaume Collet-Serra has become Liam Neeson’s most trusted collaborator in the actor’s latter-day ass-kicking years –...

  • Movie review

    Adults and children alike will laugh and cry their way through the latest Pixar instalment,...

  • Movie review
    Lover for a Day

    When Jeanne (Esther Garrel) moves back in with her father, Gilles (Éric Caravaca), after breaking...

  • Movie review
    The Final Year

    The Final Year, a documentary by Greg Barker about the last 12 months of the...

  • Movie review

    Visual effects reign supreme in this loud alien arrival sci-fi directed by Fedor Bondarchuk (Stalingrad),...

  • Movie review
    Darkest Hour

    Unity of space, unity of time, and unity of action: the perfect drama, according to...

  • Movie review
    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    There’s always an element of darkness in Martin McDonagh’s movies that resembles life in a...