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  • Movie review
    Finding Your Feet

    Sandra (Imelda Staunton) is an aristocratic housewife, living in an opulent home in an opulent...

  • Movie review
    The Ice King

    As a film title, The Ice King is unfortunate. It gives the impression that we’re...

  • Movie review
    Dark River

    A tight shot of a sheep being held down and roughly sheared to the whirr...

  • Movie review
    Birth of the Dragon

    It’s difficult to imagine a Kung fu movie about Bruce Lee’s famous showdown being anything...

  • Movie review
    I, Tonya

    Who could’ve predicted that the director of the trashy Mr Woodcock would punch the audience...

  • Movie review
    Lady Bird: An exquisite piece of cinema and one of the best films of the year

    With Lady Bird, Greta Gerwig has become only the fifth woman to ever be nominated...

  • Movie review
    The Shape of Water

    Why should kids have all the fun with magic, myths and fairytales? Even movies meant...

  • Movie review
    Black Panther

    Highly anticipated, and with much riding on its shoulders, Black Panther does not disappoint. This...