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Film review: The Amazing Spider-Man

  Tuesday 19th June 2012

Following the debacle that was Spider-Man 3 back in 2007, Sam Raimi (who had been at the helm for Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2) suddenly had a very important decision to make: go ahead with Spider-Man 4 or reboot the franchise from the beginning. He chose the latter and so, in 2010, production on The Amazing Spider-Man began.

With a new director, a new villain and of course a new hero, The Amazing Spider-Man promised the familiar tale of Peter Parker but with a few added twists and the first proper appearance for girlfriend Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). Fans of the franchise aren’t going to be disappointed.

The Amazing Spider-Man is released in cinemas nationwide on 3rd July

The Amazing Spider-Man is released in cinemas nationwide on 3rd July

It feels like a long time since we saw a young Tobey Macguire don the spidey suit, on a mission to rid Manhattan of its criminal plague. Spider-Man received widely positive reviews from critics but many were unhappy with the lack of depth. It was all well and good seeing Peter as the finished product but the film overlooked how he became the superhero we know and love. The Amazing Spider-Man does just this. The villain comes in the shape of an 8ft lizard formally known as Dr Curtis Connors (Rhys Ifans) and the action sequences, which are supported by the superb use of 3D and CGI, suffice; we remember that Spider-Man is only a seventeen-year-old boy who has to become unusually familiar with death very quickly.

Calling in Marc Webb – who is best known for 500 Days of Summer – was an incredibly good choice. His art is in directing actors and having veterans of the trade Martin Sheen and Sally Field play Peter’s aunt and uncle very much compliments the style of the film. Thor probably came closest in matching the calibre of The Amazing Spider-Man. The dialogue is neat and witty which is a rarity amongst most Marvel films.

Although Webb does explore Spider-Man’s past better, one does feel a little cheated when we reach the closing sequences. A bit more imagination with the ending wouldn’t have gone amiss but, having said this, The Amazing Spider-Man is a solid piece of film-making and on par with The Avengers Assemble on being the best Marvel film yet.

Verdict: ••••

Richard Taverner

Watch the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man here


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