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Album review: Halo 4 Original Soundtrack

  Thursday 11th October 2012

On October 22nd two versions of the Halo 4 soundtrack will be released. Recorded at Abbey Road, and composed by Neil Davidge, the standard edition will include 15 tracks from the game’s score available in physical and digital formats.

Halo 4 The Soundtrack is released October 22nd.

The second edition 2 disc box-set includes the original soundtrack and a 14-track remix album, over 70 minutes of behind the scenes footage, interviews and recording sessions, a hardcover book featuring production and composition notes plus exclusive artwork. The box-set also comes with a Neil Davidge signed print.

Neil Davidge, the man responsible for producing music for Massive Attack, David Bowie and Primal Scream, has created this stunning orchestral/electronic soundtrack that is likely to mirror the success of the game. It’s cinematically captivating and engrosses tension from the thundering action of Faithless to the serrated grates of Ascendancy.

Davidge enlisted a 16-person hand-picked male tenor/bass choir, 10 females from the London Bulgarian Choir and a full 50 piece orchestra to create these emotional widescreen soundscapes.

This breath-taking album stands as a flawless effort, and one of the most important and soaring soundtracks to date.

Verdict: •••

Naomi Couper

The sound track can be pre-ordered at Halo Waypoint.


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