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Add some culture to your outfit with Siarti Leather

  Saturday 20th October 2012

Siarti Leather is one of the most quirky jewellery brands out there. Through designing and creating obscure necklaces, bracelets, earrings and accessories, the brand has turned our everyday fashion must-haves into expressions of fun and positive personalities. This brand uses luxurious leather to convey individuality along with excitement.

There are many things that Siarti Leather is influenced by, including Bogolan patterns, Hmong styles, vintage clothing and urban aesthetics. The ongoing list of inspirations makes the brand what it is: different, diverse and distinctive. The fabulous fashionista behind the brand tries to incorporate all her favourite materials in her products. Multiple materials are used in each collection ranging from ambers, silks and linens to cottons, jaspers and cowrie. One word that sums up the brand’s style is festival, simply because of the funky colours and idiosyncratic styles.

All the products sold are reflective of the brand’s distinguishing look. We love the Moirees earrings; they are a true example of a designer paying attention to intricate details! We also think that the hand-sewn Massiassa Manchette chunky bracelet is the perfect way to jazz up an outfit.

If you’re in need of an item to spice up your wardrobe and to add a touch of excitement to your everyday outfit, then check out this upcoming brand by clicking here. These items will not fail to fascinate you!

Sasha Hilton

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