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Vintage signs turned into postcards

  Saturday 15th December 2012

Discoveries always seem magical and fascinating; thrilling to say the least. Somewhere within a warehouse at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, a number of health and safety posters were found, dating all between the 1930s and 1970s. A selection of these posters has been turned into greetings cards and postcards. 

It’s comical to see the manner in which advertising was done back then and to see what it is now. Everything seemed so innocent and Doris Day like. Take a look at them and judge for yourself. 1

A cyclist being knocked down is sadly a very common occurrence. There are always two people involved. The cyclist needs to forewarn the driver that he is approaching, just as the driver should look at his side mirrors. Do not forget to check your blind spot. 2

We all think we are brave and that swimming is easy peasy. If you never had any experience, it literally is a sink or float situation. Do not go and try to be a hero. Learn how to swim safely and perhaps you can help someone, rather than endangering both of you. Do you understand why swimming pools and beaches have lifeguards? 3

Speed is such a boy thing. Why oh why do people drag race or overtake other drivers in dangerous situations? Remember the saying: “Slow and steady wins the race?” Well, there was a reason behind it. Beware, as you can cause accidents and fatalities. 5

Accidents may seem amusing when people trip and fall. However, for the person who has taken that fall, it is painful and probably deeply embarrassing. So, instead of laughing, why not reach out and help the person out? As the poster claims: “Courtesy is infectious!” 7

Please use your head. Think before taking any action. Be cautious while crossing the street. Do not drink and drive, even if it is tempting during this festive season. So why take silly risks? Play it safe and have yourself a very merry Christmas and New Year!

Pooja Sahny


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