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The human magpie: sparkle and dazzle with Xanthe Marina

  Monday 11th February 2013

Like most of us, Xanthe Marina has been on a lifelong search for that “perfect piece” of jewellery. However, whereas most would just give up and buy something that sort of resembles what we want, Xanthe is not that type of woman. After failing to find her ideal piece, she thought she would create her own, thus leading the London-based designer to introduce her collection.

Xanthe seems to be a “human magpie,” writing that she has “always been attracted to the sparkle of a stone and the shimmer of a pearl,” and this does not fail to come across in every single one of her pieces. Working with a variety of precious metals, the designer is constantly influenced by her worldly travels, allowing European and Middle Eastern designs, amongst others, to seep into her work. Amethyst Ring

Marina’s rings are striking yet simple, with stones of green amethyst and Swiss blue amongst others set in a sterling silver band. As February’s birthstone, The Upcoming suggests the purple amethyst ring: a stone of royalty and power. Four Stone Bangle

However, the bracelets are also simplistically spectacular. Reminiscent of the European seas, the two-stone bangle consists of turquoise and Swiss blue topaz stones, whilst the four-stone bangle was undoubtedly inspired by Xanthe’s trips to Mexico and the Middle East, as the whisky quartz and citrine stones are warming and exotic. Swiss Blue and Iolite Cross

But the necklaces are what steal the show. Gorgeously romantic, the moonstone love locket will remind you of Victorian England while the rose-cut amethyst cross necklace is compelling yet sweet. All attention will be immediately drawn to your neck once you put one of Xanthe’s designs on.

Diandra Todesco

To see more of her stunning jewellery, click here.

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