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Friday 29th May 2015

Fiona Keating



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The Seamstress by María Dueñas | Book review

The Seamstress by María Dueñas

This tale of espionage, high intrigue, fear, dishonour and love has catapulted María Dueñas, a debut author to the top of Spain’s bestseller lists. I was intrigued to read this novel partly because I wanted to know how a relatively [read more]

Ill Manors | Movie review

Ill Manors

Amid the pomp and pageantry in the build-up to the Queen’s Jubilee this June, there lurks another England. In Ben Drew’s directorial debut, Ill Manors, he rips open the underbelly of London; populated with drug addicts and dealers, [read more]

All aboard the Cutty Sark

All aboard the Cutty Sark

The Upcoming gets a sneak peek below deck at the recently re-opened Cutty Sark, the world’s last surviving tea clipper. She sits on a sea of glass rather than on the River Thames and it will be a miracle if this ship ever sets sail [read more]

Interview with Lydia Yee, co-curator of Bauhaus: Art as Life at the Barbican Art Gallery

Interview with Lydia Yee, co-curator of Bauhaus: Art as Life at the Barbican Art Gallery

The biggest Bauhaus exhibition in the UK in over 40 years presents the modern world’s most famous art school. From expressionist beginnings to a pioneering model uniting art and technology, this London exhibition presents the Bauhaus’ [read more]

Interview with Werner Herzog

Interview with Werner Herzog

The legendary film-maker talks to us about the making of Into the Abyss: A Tale of Death, A Tale of Life. Documentary film-maker Werner Herzog explores the world of capital punishment. How did the project come about, first of all? In a way [read more]

Sweeney Todd | Theatre review

Sweeney Todd

The last time Michael Ball was in a West End stage musical, he was wearing false breasts, high heels and a beehive wig in John Waters’ Hairspray. His latest outing is a rather more butch affair, as the eponymous lead in Stephen [read more]

Human Rights Film Festival: Love Crimes of Kabul

Human Rights Film Festival: Love Crimes of Kabul

The subject of women in prison has long been a staple of TV and film, from Prisoner Cell Block H to Bad Girls. However, Love Crimes of Kabul is a world away from these comic-like depictions, as the documentary strips away the fiction to [read more]

Turner Inspired – In the Light of Claude | Exhibition review

Turner Inspired – In the Light of Claude

The son of a wig maker and barber, Joseph Mallord Turner is regarded as one of the finest English Romantic landscape painters.  And yet even great masters like Turner, known as “the painter of light” had their forerunners. The English [read more]

Gregg’s Table | Restaurant review

Gregg’s Table

Opening a restaurant is on many people’s wish list, but only a few manage to fulfil this ambition. Nonetheless, if your name is Gregg Wallace and you happen to be a host and judge on BBC’s Masterchef, then dreams can come true. [read more]

Into the Abyss | Movie review

Into the Abyss

As of 7th March 2012, 1,231 individuals have been executed in the state of Texas. Werner Herzog’s documentary takes a personal, off-beat look at the story of two men convicted of a triple homicide. Michael Perry received a death sentence [read more]