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Sunday 21st December 2014


Duke Dumont at Oslo | Live review

Duke Dumont at Oslo

The world of electronic dance music is heaving with DJs trying to make a name for themselves at a time when the demand for such music is still high and nightclubs still provide a platform for them. Duke Dumont has been involved in the EDM [read more]

Michael Cera – True That | Album review

Michael Cera – True That

It might come as a surprise to see Michael Cera, most recognisable for comedic roles in Arrested Development and Superbad, releasing a full album. In fact, the young Canadian has maintained a music career alongside acting for almost as [read more]

The Magic Numbers at Rough Trade East | Live review

The Magic Numbers at Rough Trade East

The Magic Numbers are a band who were seemingly swept up in the alternative indie scene five or so years ago, when their self-titled album and Those the Brokes successfully caught the attention of the British public, propelling them to [read more]

Pixie Lott – Pixie Lott | Album review

Pixie Lott – Pixie Lott

Being a pop artist has never been the most stable of career types, all it takes is one bad single and you’re out of the industry quicker than Usain Bolt during a 200 metre sprint. Fortunately though, there are a few artists left who [read more]

Sapphire Soul at the Hippodrome Casino | Live review

Sapphire Soul at the Hippodrome Casino

Sapphire Soul’s launch show at the Hippodrome Casino is a sparkling event. The three-part group made up of Lisa-Marie Holmes, Sejal Keshwala and Laura Tebbutt are artists in their own right but are an impressive trio when all three of [read more]

Neko Case at Union Chapel | Live review

Neko Case at Union Chapel

Union Chapel, built in the mid-19th century in a Gothic Revival style, today serves as a versatile venue (congregational church, homeless support centre and concert hall) and connecting place for people from all walks of life. Neko Case [read more]

Charlie Simpson – Long Road Home | Album review

Charlie Simpson – Long Road Home

After leaving Fightstar and refusing to be a part of McBusted, Charlie Simpson has returned to the music scene with his second solo album, Long Road Home. Some would deem this attempt to be unwise, considering the disappointment of his [read more]

Neon Jungle – Welcome to the Jungle | Album review

Neon Jungle – Welcome to the Jungle

Neon Jungle’s debut is the product of an age of distraction, seemingly inspired by, and a reflection of, our modern interaction with the Internet and our evolving digital world. Tracks on Welcome to the Jungle throb and shudder, [read more]

Childhood – Lacuna | Album review

Childhood – Lacuna

As many bands do, Childhood found their origins at university. But as most bands don’t, four years later they have successfully made it out of student halls and into the wide world with Lacuna, a debut album that takes some classic rock [read more]

Engineers – Always Returning | Album review

Engineers – Always Returning

Engineers’ fourth offering Always Returning is a rich, textured record comprised of sweeping, cinematic soundscapes and intricate and intelligent detail. It is mature, and yet it seems to exist outside of any particular time-frame or [read more]

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