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Saturday 25th October 2014


Oscar and the Wolf at Birthdays | Live review

Oscar and the Wolf at Birthdays

As a bright-eyed, spotty teenager a free live gig often meant seeing a friend’s band play in your local pub’s grotty back room, until they got told to keep the noise down or so much of the crowd left that they had to stop playing out [read more]

Believe | Movie review


Among the hundreds of complex, novel and boundary breaking films that have been released over the past few years, Believe’s old-school aesthetic and simple plot line are refreshingly comforting. The stern and powerful Brian Cox takes up [read more]

Joe | Movie review


David Gordon Green is becoming one of the most versatile Hollywood directors as his filmography is extremely varied, from absurd comedies to intense dramas. He says he needs to keep himself motivated and that the thread linking all of [read more]

Earth to Echo | Movie review

Earth to Echo

There’s no shame in openly drawing inspiration from others: nothing is truly original after all. Wearing influences openly can even bring a certain cultural cachet. There comes a point, though, where influence dissolves into naked [read more]

Who Is Dayani Cristal? | Movie review

Who Is Dayani Cristal?

No matter where you are in the world, mentioning immigration will evoke every feasible opinion there is to have. A topic that is studied in schools, and an issue scrutinised by the world over, it is no wonder that this epidemic has touched [read more]

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at Opera Holland Park | Opera review

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at Opera Holland Park

“Welcome to Wonderland” chime a group of ornately dressed Victorians leading us into the leafy glades of Holland Park’s Yucca Lawn. Sitting on plush grass bathed in dappled sunlight, monochrome photographs of the dreary town of [read more]

Gloria – A Pigtale at the Royal Opera House | Opera review

Gloria – A Pigtale at the Royal Opera House

What happens when you mix a couple of pigs, cabaret and opera? The answer is H K Gruber’s delightfully absurd and darkly comic cabaret opera, which director Frederic Wake-Walker sets in a burlesque butcher’s shop. Gloria – A [read more]

I Am Divine | Movie review

I Am Divine

He was born Harris Glenn Milstead but you know him better as Divine. Offering a rich collection of contributors who narrate his life with warmhearted and funny poignancy, I Am Divine charts the journey that saw a bullied child rise to [read more]

Patrick Monahan, Susan Murray and Nick Doody at The 99 Club | Comedy review

Patrick Monahan, Susan Murray and Nick Doody at The 99 Club

There’s something strangely endearing about the poorly lit, inappropriately set up 99 Club, maybe it’s the fact that it’s so dingy despite being just underneath the glamour of the hustling Leicester Square; hopefully the upcoming [read more]

The Purge: Anarchy | Movie review

The Purge: Anarchy

It takes a determined effort to buy into The Purge: Anarchy’s concept: for 12 hours a year all crime is legal, including murder. Sequel to 2013’s poorly reviewed but reasonably well grossing The Purge, The Purge: Anarchy makes a few [read more]

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The Amazing Snakeheads at Electric Ballroom | Live review
The Amazing Snakeheads at Electric Ballroom

The air inside Camden’s Electric Ballroom on Thursday evening is humid with anticipation and a meniscus of tensile [read more]

The Wet House at the Soho | Theatre review
The Wet House at the Soho

Paddy Campbell’s 2013 collaboration with Live Theatre and Max Roberts, The Wet House this year turns southwards from [read more]

Caribou – Our Love | Album review
Caribou – Our Love

The word “anticipated” couldn’t be more of an understatement when applied to Caribou’s latest venture, Our [read more]

The Rivals at the Arcola | Theatre review
The Rivals at the Arcola

Comparing 18th century comic drama to its purely chronological predecessors in Shakespeare, Marlowe and Jonson is much [read more]

Johnny Marr at Brixton Academy | Live review
Johnny Marr at Brixton Academy

On 6th October Playland, the second solo album from Manchurian guitarist-turned-singer Johnny Marr was released to [read more]