Guy Lambert

Guy is a London based film critic with a career in media and political journalism. When he isn't tweeting about politics, Guy enjoys watching and reviewing films of all genre, from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to backroom foreign art house pictures. He also offers his insight and critical opinions to various media broadcasting outlets. Follow him on Twitter @guybertie.

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  • Movie review
    Everything Everywhere All at Once

    It’s always exciting when writer/directors Daniel K...

  • apple
    They Call Me Magic

    The National Basketball Association was a very different place at the end of t...

  • Movie review
    The Lost City

    Romance novelist Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) has hit a wall, both in her writing ...

  • Movie review

    Presenting itself as a homage to the woman who taught the American household how to cook from ...

  • Movie review

    Based on true events from the “Balkan Route”, Haider Rashid’s Europa is an int...

  • Movie review

    Fancy a creepy erotic horror set on a farm in the 1970s? Then A24’s X is your answer. More specif...

  • Movie review
    Deep Water

    Fractures can appear in any marriage, but for Vic (Ben Affleck) and Melinda (Anna De Ar...

  • Berlinale
    Un Año, Una Noche (One Year, One Night)

    On the night of 13th ...

  • Movie review
    The Real Charlie Chaplin

    Less of a documentary and more of a peek behind the curtain at the ma...