Guy Lambert

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Guy is a London based film critic with a career in media and political journalism. When he isn't tweeting about politics, Guy enjoys watching and reviewing films of all genre, from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to backroom foreign art house pictures. He also offers his insight and critical opinions to various media broadcasting outlets. Follow him on Twitter @guybertie.

  • Movie review
    Wicked Little Letters

    Thea Sharrock’s Wicked Little Letters tells a story untold before now. A true scandal...

  • Movie review

    Dementia can affect individuals in a number of different ways and levels of severity, but...

  • Movie review
    Your Fat Friend

    In the 21st century, our obsession with our health has become more prevalent than ever....

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    Bob Marley: One Love

    Based on the true story of the magical musician himself, Bob Marley: One Love is...

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    The Color Purple

    For Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Color Purple, it has been a whirlwind...

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    True Detective: Night Country

    Haunting and chilling both literally and figuratively, season four of True Detective...

  • Movie review
    The End We Start From

    In the United Kingdom, we are fortunate enough to see a majority of our climate...

  • Movie review
    The Beekeeper

    The life of a beekeeper is one in the countryside surrounded by peace and tranquillity…...

  • Movie review
    The Boys in the Boat

    During the height of the Great Depression, vast swathes of Americans were at their lowest....

  • Show review
    After the Flood

    Ahh, yet another British crime drama. Unique? Not in the slightest, but fear not. This...