Guy Lambert

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Guy is a London based film critic with a career in media and political journalism. When he isn't tweeting about politics, Guy enjoys watching and reviewing films of all genre, from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to backroom foreign art house pictures. He also offers his insight and critical opinions to various media broadcasting outlets. Follow him on Twitter @guybertie.

  • Movie review
    Raindance Film Festival 2024: Sleep

    Sleep; the South Korean horror movie that will ensure you get absolutely none...

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    Raindance Film Festival 2024: National Anthem

    Set in the sweltering heat of the American Southwest, a young...

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    Diane von Fürstenberg: Woman in Charge

    The “reinventor of the dress”, Diane von Fürstenberg is a...

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    In a dystopian post-apocalyptic future, Earth has been destroyed following an invasion of ferocious...

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    The Dead Don’t Hurt

    Welcome to the Viggo Mortensen show; a statement that thankfully bears more positivity than...

  • Movie review
    La Chimera

    La Chimera is a story of lost love, exploration and hope. Anchored by the charismatic...

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    Civil War

    The concept of Alex Garland’s dystopian Civil War is interesting and unnervingly close to some...

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    Back to Black

    It feels like only yesterday when outlets shocked the world with the news that multiple...

  • Show review

    Patricia Highsmith’s 1955 psychological thriller novel The Talented Mr Ripley was first adapted for the...

  • Movie review
    Monkey Man

    A young man, raised first in the forest then in the slums, makes ends meet...