Joseph Owen

Joseph Owen is writing a doctoral thesis on Carl Schmitt and literary modernism at University of Southampton. He moonlights as a critic at European film festivals. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @josephowen30

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  • Film festivals
    Petite Maman

    This gracefully rendered, fabular tale provides an exquis...

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    Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

    Three lovelorn episodes about “coi...

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    La Mif

    This excellent, if dramatically overburdened realist drama has th...

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    Language Lessons

    This sincerely felt, fundamentally misguided film am...

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    Next Door

    Daniel Brühl supposedly sends himself up in this sly and insinuating two-hander, which ...

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    Shot over five years in a docufictional style that fuses ...

  • Film festivals

    Gerda is a diverting, if frustrating, account of thwarted persona...

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    The Sacred Spirit (Espiritu Sagrado)

    This darkly comic work wa...

  • Film festivals

    The Greek myth of Medea ends in tragedy, and this bold, bullish a...

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    Gaspar Noé, generally a director of provocations, has made an e...