Mahmud El Shafey

Mahmud is a London-based writer and journalist. A self-proclaimed geek, he loves books and movies and writing about himself in the third person.

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  • Culture
    Cartel Land: An interview with director Matthew Heineman

    Cartel Land is a powerful documentary looking a...

  • Movie review

    Amy is a powerful and haunting documentary by Asif Kapadia that looks at the rise, and tragic fa...

  • Movie review
    Going Bongo

    Going Bongo is a heartfelt indie offering from writer and lead actor Ernest Napoleon, ...

  • Movie review
    Lauda: The Untold Story

    Lauda: The Untold Story is an interesting if occasionally obtuse docum...

  • Movie review
    Top Five

    Top Five is something of a mixed bag, bringing together a traditional romantic comedy with...

  • Movie review
    A Letter to Momo

    A Letter to Momo is a quirky but downbeat little gem from Japanese anime studio...

  • Tribeca Film Festival 2015
    Thank You for Playing

    Thank You for Playing is a difficult, but re...

  • Movie review

    Unfriended bombastically bills itself as a “new genre of horror” in its trailer; al...

  • Movie review
    Hot Tub Time Machine 2

    Hot Tub Time Machine was the sleeper hit of 2010, armed with enough jok...

  • Movie review
    The Treatment

    The Treatment makes for harrowing viewing; this Belgium-made dark psychological thr...