Patrick Laredo

A recent politics graduate from the University of Bristol, Patrick has moved back to London. He enjoys finding new films, American literature and moonlit strolls along the beach.

  • Live music
    The Amazons at the Forum

    Seeing The Amazons will strike many with a strong sense of nostalgia for their teenage...

  • Movie review

    If one goes to see Neruda expecting a standard biopic then they will be disappointed. Pablo...

  • Live music
    St Paul and the Broken Bones at the Forum

    Paul Janeway was stood at the front of the stage. He was still. In front...

  • Movie review
    Operation Chromite

    Most countries on Earth have a militaristic moment that is told and retold over time...

  • Live music
    Barns Courtney at Xoyo

    Barns Courtney swaggered on stage parting the knee level red mist, moving forward to plant...