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5 places you must visit in 2014

  Thursday 9th January 2014

With a new year arriving there’s a whole twelve month’s worth of travelling to be planned. If you’re looking for inspiration, then here’s a list of the top five most exciting destinations for 2014.

Trinidad, Cuba

An old Spanish colonial outpost, drowsy Trinidad nestles below Cuba’s Escambray Mountain, beside the glistening Caribbean. Here, as the opulent plantation architecture and UNESCO Heritage status confirm, the ambiance of the sugar-rich 1850s lives on. In 2014, Trinidad will recall and celebrate its founding, which took place 500 years ago at the hands of Velázquez and his conquistadors. This milestone will be marked with a month of pulsating fiesta, so it’s a great time to visit this island paradise.

Rīga, Latvia

Though not a well-known travel destination, Rīga’s cobbled streets and fairy-tale turrets and steeples capture the hearts of most visitors. Others come seeking Rīga’s world-renowned German Art Nouveau architecture, whilst still more come to sample the café culture and exotic nightlife which has accompanied Rīga’s growing cosmopolitan status. The city’s return to Baltic prominence is crowned by its nomination as the 2014 European Capital of Culture, but it’s still very affordable to visit, with a low-cost holiday here setting you back much less than city breaks in places like Italy and France.

Vancouver, Canada

A young, vibrant and tolerant city set amidst a spectacular verdant landscape, Vancouver has it all. It’s an international centre for sport and outdoor activities where no one stands still and relaxing means heading for the beach or the wilderness. Canada’s multi-lingual “City of Glass” is a trailblazing 21st-century metropolis where inspiration and aspiration set the pace. Don’t miss Stanley Park for what is thought to be the largest red cedar in the world, as well as its famous grey squirrel population!

Zürich, Switzerland

Zürich will be centre stage during the summer of 2014 as the host venue for the European Athletics Championships. The city will be expecting elite world athletes accompanied by the global sports media, and hoping for record-breaking headlines. Elsewhere this lakeside city, renowned for its top-tier lifestyle and amenities, is enjoying a snowballing reputation as a premiere European festival location, nightlife hotspot, and international party hub. Not to mention the close proximity to the magnificent Swiss Alps.

Paris, France

Paris has been exquisitely transformed in recent years. In the heart of the city, new traffic-reducing initiatives have brought floating gardens, delightful walkways, cycle-paths, and pedestrian promenades to the Seine’s congested riverbanks. At the same time, Notre Dame’s medieval chimes have been restored, and many museums and galleries have seen renovation and refurbishment, including the Louvre. 2014 is a good year to see what’s changed for this classic winter break destination.

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