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  • Movie review
    Marjorie Prime

    Take the outdated structure of a living room drama and infuse it with the modern...

  • Movie review
    The Florida Project

    Disney World: the happiest place on Earth, where dreams come true. Yet in the shadow...

  • Movie review
    Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

    Was there ever a more profitable time for a biopic about the creation of Wonder...

  • Movie review
    Paddington 2: A funny and wondrous adventure

    These days, CGI looks worn out. Deeply concerned with realistic and explosive tendencies, no thought...

  • Movie review

    Alain Gomis is a Franco-Senegalese filmmaker whose feature Félicité follows Kinshasa bar singer Félicité – flawlessly...

  • Movie review
    No Stone Unturned

    “Why this place? I certainly would love to know,” asks a survivor of the Loughinisland...

  • Movie review
    Only the Brave

    No one would be blamed for assuming that Only the Brave was another big-budget, brain-dead...

  • Movie review

    For most, it’s common sense to distinguish fantasy from reality. For some, it’s not so...