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British Sea Power at Koko | Live review

British Sea Power at Koko

There’s a pretty stage set up at Koko, with twinkle lights, and vines wrapped around the drum kit to keep the crowd’s attention in anticipation for British Sea Power. They start with a long moody intro to build up into tonight’s [read more]

Katy B at Koko | Live review

Katy B at Koko

There was a lot of anticipation for this gig from her fans back on home turf. Katy B didn’t disappoint with a strong bold entrance, in full flow with her dancing troops. Starting with the punchy Hot Like Fire, flowing into 5am, and [read more]

Black Stone Cherry at KOKO | Live review

Black Stone Cherry at KOKO

Take all the clichès about rock ‘n’ roll: havey guitars, long hair, head banging, beers, chubby and hairy men among the audience, leather jackets and everlasting solos, either with drums or guitars. Add a husky voice, a lot of [read more]

ESG at KOKO | Live review


It’s the mid 70s in the South Bronx and, in an effort to keep her children away from the dangerous New York streets, Mrs Scroggins buys some musical instruments.  Jump forward a few years and Renee, Marie, Valerie and Deborah Scroggins [read more]

Foy Vance at KOKO | Live review

Foy Vance at KOKO

It can be easy to underestimate just how big a role the crowd plays in creating an enjoyable gig. Since the KOKO is a pleasant place to be in, it’s understandable that a large one is gathering fairly early on, and a good deal of those [read more]

Austra at KOKO | Live review

Austra at KOKO

Austra, 6-part electronic pop band from Toronto, played a sold out show last night at Koko in Camden. The performance was part of a world tour that will next take them to Hong Kong and Australia. Formed in 2009, Austra released their debut [read more]

Boy George at KOKO | Live review

Boy George at KOKO

Promoting the release of his first studio album in 18 years, Boy George dazzles fans with classic hits as well as new material from This Is What I Do, alongside musical guests and a nine-piece accompanying band at KOKO in Camden. [read more]

Bastille at KOKO | Live review

Bastille at KOKO

Bastille (aka B∆STILLE) performed at KOKO as part of Virgin Records’ 40th birthday celebrations – 40 Years of Disruptions – and as one in a series of ongoing tour dates. The band entered the stage to roaring cheers from the [read more]

HIM at KOKO | Live review


The early 20th century, blood-red decor of the KOKO auditorium is reminiscent of a set from Dracula. On Friday night the theatre thronged with Halloween revellers and the gothically clad fans of one of Finland’s biggest musical exports [read more]

The Pigeon Detectives at KOKO Camden | Live review

The Pigeon Detectives at KOKO Camden

Six years ago, The Pigeon Detectives’ first album reached number three in the UK Top 40. This year’s release, We Met at Sea, peaked at number 41, so the band is now playing to smaller audiences of loyal fans, including the crowd [read more]

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