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  • Movie review
    A Private War

    It seems like a blessing after a screening of A Private War to be able...

  • Movie review

    Sarah Taylor’s world is no joke. Only 15, she’s already mother and father to her...

  • Movie review
    The Kid Who Would Be King

    Cinema has missed Joe Cornish, who made a splash with the thrilling genre mash-up Attack...

  • Movie review
    Instant Family

    Writer-director Sean Anders’s losing streak comes to an unequivocal end with the lovely Instant Family....

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Types of marketing programs for a sales training course

Generally, millions of people are aware of various businesses that work well under different niches. Well, starting...

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Five ways mobile phones have revolutionised the way we live

In our modern world, mobile phones have become something of a fifth limb, an appendage so inherent...