Anna Harvey

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Anna moved to London in 2013 to complete a degree in English Literature and French at Queen Mary University of London. She is a keen reader, traveller and artist, and enjoys discovering new artists, filmmakers, writers and cultures. ,

  • Movie review
    Les Hommes du feu

    Pierre Jolivet’s bold drama is at times documentary-like in its unique insight into one of...

  • Art
    Photography: When does a picture become art?

    The debate over photography being considered art is almost as old as the medium’s...

  • Movie review

    Kenny is a biopic by Stewart Sugg and paints a visceral portrait of beloved footballer and...

  • Movie review
    Battle of Soho

    Throughout the late 20th century, Soho was the kingdom of Bohemia, a seedy, vibrant part...

  • Movie review
    Buena Vista Social Club: Adios

    Buena Vista Social Club: Adios is the sequel to Wim Wenders’s award-winning...

  • Movie review

    Taika Waititi’s comedy-drama follows 11-year-old “Boy”, who together with his friends and younger...

  • Movie review
    Tawai – A Voice from the Forest

    The term “Tawai” originates from the nomadic communities of Borneo...

  • Movie review
    Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards

    Fashion editor Michael Roberts pays homage to his shoe designer friend...

  • Movie review
    La Concours (The Graduation)

    Director Claire Simon chronicles the arduous and rigorous admissions process into...

  • Movie review
    London Symphony

    London Symphony couples 1920s silent film charm with James McWilliam’s influential music to...