Ben Flanagan

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  • Movie review
    Me, Myself and Di

    A signal of the return to pre-Covid normality might be the reemergence of the ...

  • Movie review
    Shiva Baby

    Emma Seligman’s debut, an expansion of a short thesis film, is a slim and intermitten...

  • Theatre
    Amelie: The Musical at Criterion Theatre

    Amelie, the 2001 film, has an odd reputation....

  • Theatre
    The Money at The Chamber, London County Hall

    There is something to be said for the po...

  • Movie review
    I Blame Society

    Our serial-killer obsession meets Hollywood satire in I Blame Society, an inventi...

  • Movie review
    Beast Beast

    There is no shortage of films about the way we live now, and Beast Beast does not help...

  • Movie review
    Final Days

    Final Days begins with a familiar image: alone, trudging around his home, an ill man st...

  • Movie review
    SAS: Red Notice

    The Andy McNab phenomenon is easy to miss if one isn’t inclined toward the nati...

  • Movie review
    The United States Vs Billie Holiday

    The song Strange Fruit – Billie Holiday’s paean aga...

  • Movie review
    My Darling Supermarket

    Hands, busy at work, move across a bench. Out of focus, tools pile up. ...