Dan Meier

Dan is a London-based writer and critic obsessed with film, music and comedy. He co-runs a movie site (screengoblin.com) and a jazz blog (jazzimpressions.co.uk). Follow him on twitter @MiniMeier.

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  • Live music
    Viagra Boys at the Forum

    Swedish sextet Viagra Boys have scheduled themselves out of the runnin...

  • Movie review
    True Things

    The Affair’s Ruth Wilson has another affair in True Things, a British relationship d...

  • Movie review
    A Journal for Jordan

    Based on her memoir, A Journal for Jordan sees journalist Dana Canedy (Cha...

  • Movie review
    Cry Macho

    Cry Macho is a neo-Western road movie, starring, directed and produced by the 91-year-ol...

  • Movie review
    The Card Counter

    The Card Counter is not a Halloween film but there is something pumpkin-y about...

  • Movie review
    Pier Kids

    A stone’s throw from where the Stonewall riots started, New York’s Christopher Stree...

  • Movie review
    No Time to Die

    No Time to Die is among the more comprehensible titles for a James Bond film (at l...

  • Movie review
    The Starling

    Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd star in this “heartwarming comedy” about a c...

  • Movie review
    Second Spring

    Kathy (Cathy Naden) is an archaeological academic diagnosed with a form of early-on...

  • Movie review
    Eye Without a Face

    The story of a man called Henry (Dakota Shapiro) who spends his days spying o...