James Ager

Having studied Modern Languages at Durham University, James now lives and works in London, where he loves to discover new places and interesting experiences. He is a cinephile at heart, with a particular fondness for science-fiction, and in his spare time maintains his own film review blog.

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  • Movie review

    If there’s one thing to be said for Suburra, it’s that it’s not afraid to be ambitiou...

  • Movie review
    The Call Up

    The inherent flaw in any high-concept science fiction story is that the great idea at ...

  • Movie review
    Son of Saul

    Most people can recall the horror, the anger and the utter disgust that they felt when...

  • Movie review
    Captain America: Civil War

    In an industry that’s increasingly keen to play it safe, the...

  • Movie review

    The premise of Court is an extremely simple one: it’s a dramatised exploration of India’s ...

  • Movie review
    Couple in a Hole

    The premise of Couple in a Hole is a simple if unusual one: the film tells the ...

  • Movie review
    Midnight Special

    Midnight Special sings from the Amblin hymnbook with such fervour that it could...

  • Theatre
    FANY (First Aid Nursing Yeomanry) at the Arts Theatre

    It need not be said that thea...

  • Movie review
    Sing Street

    The premise of Sing Street is not a complicated one: a kid at a new school must form a...

  • Berlinale
    Fei Cui Zhi Cheng (City of Jade)

    If there’s one thing to be sa...