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  • Movie review
    Bu-San-Haeng (Train to Busan)

    If you’re into zombie movies, Bu-San-Haeng is a definite win. A celebration of...

  • Film festivals
    Forushande (The Salesman)

    Academy award winner Ashgar Farhadi’s Forushande (The Salesman)...

  • Film festivals

    With a hint of surprise, Snowden is an astonishingly engrossing biopic about one of...

  • Film festivals
    Eshtebak (The Clash)

    Egyptian feature Esthebak (The Clash) opens Un Certain Regard with a...

  • Film festivals
    American Honey

    Andrea Arnold keeps it cheap and cheerful with her road movie American Honey,...

  • Film festivals
    Agassi (The Handmaiden)

    Park Chan-Wook surpasses all expectations with his sublime film...

  • Film festivals

    Again the Paris suburbs, again the teen love, again the coming of age film with...

  • Film festivals

    Isabelle Huppert is formidable as usual in Bavo Defurne’s Souvenir. An...

  • Film festivals

    Absolutely exasperated by all the X-Factors, Britain’s Got Talents and other talent...