Joseph Fraser

  • Film festivals
    Green Room

    Coming straight from his acclaimed revenge thriller Blue Ruin, writer-director...

  • Film festivals
    Yakuza Apocalypse

    Takashi Miike’s new film Yakuza Apocalypse, about a vampire infection...

  • Film festivals

    Shot through a variety of aspect ratios and media, including home video recorders,...

  • Live music
    Kid Wave at The Lexington

    Normally when it comes to this lo-fi, indie-rock sound, it’s difficult to identify one...

  • Live music
    GUN at The Borderline

    The word “intimate” gets thrown around a lot at concerts, but that is definitely...

  • Live music
    Apple Music Festival 2015: Pharrell Williams at the Roundhouse

    Despite only having two studio albums under his own...