Matthew McKernan

Matthew is a freelance (or just unemployed) film critic from Belfast and a graduate of film studies at Queen's University. He started a blog a few years ago called FilmWhinge and he has been whinging ever since. He has also written a novel and a collection of short stories, and is looking for a publisher.

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  • Movie review
    The World of Astley Baker Davies

    The World of Astley Baker Davies is a retrospective of the...

  • Movie review
    Still the Water

    A film of love, life and death on the island of Amami, south of the Japanese main...

  • Movie review
    Return to Sender

    In 1962, Elvis Presley released a jolly song called Return to Sender. Faced now...

  • Movie review
    Stray Dogs

    Stray Dogs is the new film from Tsai Ming-liang and another example of “Slow Cine...

  • Movie review

    Glassland is the new film from Gerard Barrett, whose first feature Pilgrim Hill won ple...

  • Movie review
    Robot Overlords

    Jon Wright’s Robot Overlords is the latest in a string of science fiction films...

  • Berlinale
    Der Geldkomplex

    It’s hard to know what to think about a film li...

  • Movie review
    The November Man

    The November Man is a spy thriller with Pierce Brosnan, who obviously wants to ...

  • Movie review
    The Way He Looks

    The Way He Looks is writer-director Daniel Ribeiro’s feature debut. Adapted f...

  • Movie review

    Extraterrestrial is a horror film with a mission: filmmakers The Vicious Brothe...