Musanna Ahmed

Musanna Ahmed is a freelance writer focusing on film, theatre and live music. Bylines include The Movie Waffler, DesiBlitz and Film Inquiry.

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  • Film festivals
    Babi Yar. Context

    Sergei Loznitsa, one of the most important filmmake...

  • Movie review
    No Man of God

    No Man of God gives us reason to believe that the Ted Bundy narrative can still be ...

  • Movie review
    From the Vine

    A new tale in the “drop everything and follow your dreams” canon of feel-good c...

  • Movie review
    Mosquito State

    Mosquito State has a solid blueprint to follow in The Fly, but it can’t quite ma...

  • Movie review
    MC Escher: Journey into Infinity

    Here’s the rare documentary about a great artist that un...

  • Film festivals

    CODA was the subject of much industry discussion when it was sold at the Sundance F...

  • Movie review

    Contrary to what the title may suggest, this new release is not related to the Seth McFarlane ...

  • Movie review
    Under the Volcano

    There are only so many documentaries about legendary rock musicians that can ...

  • Cannes

    Radu Muntean, a leading figure of the Romanian New Wave, h...

  • Movie review
    The Birthday Cake

    Jimmy Giannopoulos is known for being one half of the electropop duo LOLAWOLF ...