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Born and bred in London, Sarah studies French and History of Art at Edinburgh University. Obsessed with all things film, she can usually be found in the cinema or perusing the questionable contents of a modern art exhibition. In her free time she enjoys the company of furry creatures and usually has a cup of tea in her hand.

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    L’Attesa (The Wait)

    In a tribute to its title, L’Attesa makes the audience wait for any clues as...

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    Crazy About Tiffany’s

    There is only one jewellery store in the world where your diamond ring or bejewelled...

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    Where You’re Meant to Be

    Across the Highlands of Scotland and through its lively cities, singer Aidan Moffat...

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    14 Minutes from Earth

    It takes just a quarter of an hour to fall from the outer...

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    The dirty streets of post-war Poland look on as an expectant mother shuffles through town...

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    Paranoid Girls

    In the high-stakes world of fashion, anything could happen – but very little does. Ana,...

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    Babai (Father)

    In 90s, pre-war Kosovo ten-year-old Nori and his father Gesim sell cigarettes...

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    Celestial Camel

    In the Kalmykian desert a camel is born under a camel-shaped cloud. The...

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      The smiling face of a bright-eyed Afro-hipster marks the start of this...

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    Looking for Love

    What makes a healthy relationship? Why do so many fail? And what is love? It...