Sarah Sutton

Born and based in London, Sarah has always had a passion for the city and its delights. Cultivating a love for travel, film and music, she enjoys exploring every aspect of culture London has to offer. Follow her on Twitter @sarahsuttonn and Instagram @sarahesuttonn.

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    The New Man

    Anyone could be forgiven for first believing this film is merely a stylised fictional ...

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    Nanny Culture

    From British director Paul James Driscoll comes Nanny Culture, a truly original doc...

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    S One Strane (On the Other Side)

    20 years on from the Croatian W...

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    At first glance a documentary about the life of a chess grandmas...

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    Yr Ymadawiad (The Passing)

    Suspense and mystery in the unforgiving Welsh countryside set the ...

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    Europe, She Loves

    Offering a candid look into Europe of today and tho...

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    The story of a deadly cult and its enigmatic leader, Ariel Kleiman’s Partisan is a somew...

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    Black or White

    With its provocative title and star-studded cast, Mike Binder’s courtroom drama ...

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    The Moderate Soprano at Hampstead Theatre

    Debuting at Hampstead Theatre this autumn is...

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    Under Electric Clouds

    Transporting viewers to a melancholy snowscap...