Will Snell

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Writer, classical musician and football referee living in East London.

  • Theatre
    The Constituent at the Old Vic

    Who would want to be a Member of Parliament? It certainly requires a...

  • Movie review
    The Beast

    When the touching sensibility and ceaseless picturesqueness of French film and the bombastic scale of...

  • Show review
    The Gathering

    Helen Walsh – novelist by trade – makes a very respectable televisual debut in her...

  • Movie review

    Now here’s an intriguing one for those who enjoy picking around in the niches of...

  • Show review
    Mary and George

    So this fad for period piece-cum-thriller-cum-comedy – see The Great, see Emma, see The...

  • Movie review
    The Iron Claw

    Wrestling is a laugh, isn’t it? Characters, each more ridiculous than the last, play-fighting in...

  • Theatre
    The Mongol Khan at the London Coliseum

    The various elements of stage entertainment and honest reflections of...

  • Movie review

    Fremont, a not-so-subtle nod to film noir concerning the struggles of the life of an...

  • Movie review
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

    The spin-off of a spin-off of a 00s romcom: it’s actually quite a promising recipe,...

  • Movie review
    Lie with Me

    It’s sometimes a single aspect that really makes a film: the characterisation perhaps, an utterly...