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Sunday 26th October 2014

Make someone’s day and Sugarpoke them!

  Sunday 4th March 2012
  Sunday 4th March 2012

We’re absolutely going sugarpokering crazy right now thanks to Louise Cowley, Maria Palmer and Amanda McManus, the award winning entrepreneurs behind this innovative idea, Sugarpoke. These three combined the ideas of sending a greetings card along with a delightful sweet treat, using quirky play on words to go with it. Genius!

You can choose from a whole array of cards, cakes and cookies, from Birthday Bleating to Ewe’re Brilliant or you’re able to pick from a vast collection of gifts to send to friends, family and loved ones.

All you have to do is simply choose the treat you want to send from sweets, brownies, cake and more. The card comes as an accompaniment to the treat and prices start from as little as £4.99, prices that are totally irresistible. What makes this service even better is the ‘straight through your letterbox’ option. Some of the items available are suitable to be put right through your door by the postman, leaving you without any hassle of waiting in for deliveries to arrive. With free 1st class postage too, it’s pretty hard to believe that this is real!

Some of our favourite picks are the Cake Commotion cakepops (£13), the Good Mornin’ breakfast box (£8.99 – and imagine someone sending you breakfast in the post, how thoughtful!) the Bacon ‘n’ Eggs combo (£8.99) and the Love Muffin tin (£14.99).

Perfect for Mother’s Day with special extras including mini liqueurs (starting from £7), you can get a thoughtful and lovely gift, even if you aren’t lucky enough to get to see your mum on the 18th March.

Kellie Griffiths

Click here if you’re wanting to spoil your loved ones rotten!

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