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Alice Menter adornment

  Monday 19th March 2012

Statement jewellery is a fabulous way to dress up any simple outfit; whether it’s a plain white tee, a jersey dress or a collared blouse. The unique and innovative jewellery range from Alice Menter is both fashion-forward yet individual. Inspired by her time with the Yao Mien hill tribe in Northern Thailand, Alice explores the boundaries between jewellery, clothing and body adornment.

Joining glistening metals without soldering, Alice silver and gold plates everyday objects such as nuts, washers, zips and bolts, combining them with textures of suede and lycra. Industrial at a glance, the feminine beauty is conveyed through contrasting materials and the draping of chainmail detailing.

Adorning yourself in Alice Menter creations will leave you feeling empowered whilst still luxuriously sophisticated. Featured within the fashion-forward pages of Marie Claire, Grazia, InStyle and Stylist Magazine to name a few, her jewellery makes a defining statement and helps pave her way within the fashion industry. With a collection as stunning as this, the future looks particularly shiny for Alice Menter.

Mel Jeffery

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