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Wrap your baby up with Judy Sheeran’s help

  Monday 7th May 2012

For all those mothers or expecting mothers out there, there’s nothing more important than seeing your baby sleep soundly. Judy Sheeran, who has been mastering her sewing skills since the age of 11, has created something called Biscuit Quilts, which is every mother’s dream gift. These quilts are perfect for a newborn baby or even a bigger baby, such as me, just looking to snuggle up. They just look undeniably comfortable.

Judy’s history in this fine art began when her mother taught her the basics, followed by more sewing classes in high school. After encouragement from her teachers, Judy attended Design school and graduated from FIDM in Los Angeles with a design degree. 

Judy made her first Biscuit Quilt 30 years ago when her niece was born. “I decided to put my years of experience in the apparel industry to the test with a uniquely made product for babies.” In 2010 Judy decided to venture out on her own and start up a new baby brand called Sugar Hiccup. 

Momentarily the quilts are black and white or pink and white baby biscuit quilts. More colours will follow shortly. The girls’ quilts are trimmed in contrast piping and white lace and backed in white Satin. The boys’ quilts are trimmed with the piping only.

If you are curious about the material Judy uses to create these divine quilts, they are a pre-shrunk cotton fabric made of poly satin, while the stuffing is poly fiber fill. The quilts are machine washable and measure 27 inches by 30 inches.

When Judy ships your package, she uses a clear reusable zipper case, which is ideal for vacations or even just going to grandma’s.

Just lay your baby down to sleep on the softest quilt you have ever felt yourself. The puffy squares will feel as gentle as your touch and will keep your baby all bundled up.

I would love to cuddle up on the couch with it and take a little Sunday siesta myself. So why not invest in one?

Judy’s website is presently under construction, but this should not stop you from purchasing one of these magnificent biscuit quilts, which are available online on Etsy at a mere price of £47. That’s a real steal, especially to see your little one sleep in peace.

Pooja Sahny

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