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Ten tricks to make your hair grow faster

  Monday 17th September 2012

There are two types of girls: those who have always had long, soft, shiny hair, and those who have had every kind of hair. To the latter, we dedicate these tips.

Let’s be honest, there are no actual methods to accelerate the growth of hair more than its natural 1-2 centimetres per month. But there are tricks to help this growth in the best possible way, of course! So, if your hairdresser has gone too far with the scissors – again! – and this makes you despair, here are ten sure-fire tricks to grow your hair faster, preventing breakage and split ends! Good luck and happy hair growing!

Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to remove split ends

While it might seem contradictory to trim your hair while you are growing it out, you have to cut off the dead ends. Yes, hair does grow from your roots and trimming your split ends isn’t a way to make your hair grow per se. But if you don’t take care of split ends, it could result in breakage and unhealthy hair. Trimming 1/4 of an inch off your hair every 6-8 weeks is great for you!

Hot oil scalp massage

Regular scalp massages are highly beneficial for growing hair faster naturally. Hot oil treatment, in particular, promotes the proper circulation required to stimulate the scalp. You just need to gently rub your fingers through the scalp in a circular motion for a few minutes and you’ll see the difference – your hair will feel thicker and softer! This is one of the best tips on how to make your hair grow faster, and it really works! 

Apply egg whites

Egg whites are known as the best natural tonic for damaged hair. An added bonus is that they can replenish cuticles and restore softness! How to: Just crack open one egg, strain out the yolk and make an egg white mask for your hair and apply for 10 minutes. Your hair will instantly look healthier and will grow faster as well!

Stay hydrated

Drink about eight glasses of water a day; not only will your body feel better, but it will also keep your hair from drying out. This is a really smart tip to prevent broken hair. Water flushes out toxins faster, and that will make your hair soft, bright and shiny! 

Brush your hair with care

Hair is more fragile when wet, so be delicate with your brush! Brushing hair once or twice in the morning and once or twice at night will stimulate the circulation in your scalp, feeding the hair follicles and ensuring undisturbed hair growth.

Don’t skip your daily ration of protein

Did you know that what you eat actually makes a difference in how fast your hair grows? If you eat your daily ration of protein-rich foods (better if low in saturated fats), you will see some amazing results. Add fish, eggs, soy, millet, wheat germ and flakes of fresh yeast to your diet and get ready to see your hair grow faster!

Flip your hair upside down!

Although it may sound a little bit weird or ridiculous, try it! Flip your head over for about 2-4 minutes daily.  The reason is that it tends to stimulate hair follicles by reversing the flow of blood. This improved oxygenation speeds up cell turnover and thus enhances hair growth. 

Try a miraculous rinse

A weekly hair rinse with apple cider vinegar or potato juice rich in vitamin B helps to remove scalp residue and dead skin. This is crucial when we want to clean the pores of the skin to allow the hair to grow faster.

Dont forget a conditioning treatment

In order to grow really long hair, a deep conditioner treatment a week helps! Choose your favourite according to your hair type and don’t be lazy! Take your time and whenever possible, leave your conditioner on for ten minutes and sit in a steam room or wrap your head in a hot towel to ensure your hair absorbs the nutrients.

Cover your hair at night

First of all, you need to sleep a decent number of hours – around seven or eight per night!

Avoid sleeping with tightly braided hair or a tight ponytail. This causes breakage over time, and that certainly doesn’t help when you want your hair to grow! Instead, put your hair up in a loose ponytail and secure it with a scrunchie or specially treated band. You could also wear a satin or silk scarf over your head while you sleep. Good night!

Laura De Vittori


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