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Sunday 26th October 2014

Marc Jacobs joins Diet Coke as Creative Director

  Thursday 7th February 2013
  Thursday 7th February 2013

It has been revealed that Marc Jacobs is to take over from Jean Paul Gaultier as the creative director of Diet Coke for 2013 as the brand celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Diet Coke will be releasing a line of bottles and cans designed by Marc Jacobs as he follows in the footsteps of previous creative directors Karl Lagerfeld and Jean Paul Gaultier. The designs will be inspired by the previous three decades and will be released over the next two months. However, we have a feeling that this year Diet Coke consumers will be treated to something very different.

The ad campaign features a shirtless Marc Jacobs (rather impressive for a man who’ll turn 50 in April) posing with a can of Diet Coke, reflecting the edge of fun that his new role will bring to the brand. As if these images weren’t enough, they have also released a teaser advert where Jacobs takes on the role of the famous “Diet Coke Hunk” in his own way. The clip has been named Marc Jacobs revealed: Photo Booth Break and shows that the designer was prepared to take off his top on film too.

We think it’s safe to say that Marc Jacobs is going to bring a certain youth and excitement to Diet Coke that we haven’t seen from previous creative directors. Who better for the job of creating a buzz around the drink’s 30th anniversary than one of the most innovative and influential designers of the past 30 years?

With juggling being creative director of his own line, Louis Vuitton, Diet Coke and maintaining his perfectly sculpted torso, is there anything that Marc Jacobs can’t do?

Shannon Lawlor

To view Marc Jacobs revealed: Photo Booth Break click here.

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