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  • Movie review
    20th Century Women

    Adolescence. If there is one challenge in life that unites us all, it is the...

  • Movie review

    When it was announced that Pablo Larraín – possibly Chile’s best working filmmaker, or at...

  • Movie review
    xXx: Return of Xander Cage

    15 years since the release of the original xXx the franchise strikes again, with Vin...

  • Movie review

    For a while, it looked like a graph of M Night Shyamalan’s critical reputation would...

  • Movie review

    Lion stretches the primal desire to search for one’s own house on Google Maps to...

  • Movie review
    La La Land

    Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have been following a trajectory of the bona fide movie...

  • Movie review
    Médecin de Campagne (Irreplaceable)

    Thomas Lilti’s latest feature offers a highly subtle, if not wholly original, argument for the...

  • Movie review
    Manchester by the Sea

    Death, heartbreak and the mundane absurdity of everyday life: this, in short, is the subject...