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Saturday 31st January 2015


Life of Riley | Movie review

Life of Riley

The late French New Wave master Alain Resnais began his career tackling such thorny issues as the Holocaust (Night and Fog) and the Hiroshima bomb (Hiroshima Mon Amour). His later work veered towards light(er)-hearted materials with a [read more]

The Wedding Ringer | Movie review

The Wedding Ringer

The Wedding Ringer can’t seem to make up its mind about what kind of movie it wants to be: screwball ensemble comedy or heart-warming tale of one loser’s journey to “brodom”. The movie pulls off screwball far better than [read more]

Pelo Malo | Movie review

Pelo Malo

Pelo Malo, a Latin American phrase meaning “bad hair” with social and racial connotations, is the title of this new film by writer-director Mariana Rondon. Set in the city of Caracas, Venezuela, the film weaves through the literal bad [read more]

Selma premiere: A chat with the director and cast on the red carpet in London

Selma premiere: A chat with the director and cast on the red carpet in London

Selma is the Oscar-nominated biopic of pivotal civil rights leader Martin Luther King. Charting the 1967 march through Alabama that finally lead to black Americans winning the vote, it’s a powerful and arresting historical drama that [read more]

Predestination | Movie review


Visceral and sometimes downright disturbing, Predestination is the latest offering from the Spierig Brothers. It tells the life story of a crime-fighting time traveller as he completes his final mission. He’s hunting down the [read more]

Kill the Messenger | Movie review

Kill the Messenger

The rogue, crusading journalist has been a likeable protagonist in the thriller movie genre – some films depicting real events, some not. Many of Hollywood’s biggest stars have thrust themselves into these roles, which examine [read more]

Amour Fou | Movie review

Amour Fou

Heinrich Von Kleist is a man with a plan. Rather than sharing his life with someone, Von Kleist the self-serving egotist wants a woman to dedicate herself to him through death via a suicide pact. After his advances are spurned by his [read more]

Down Dog | Movie review

Down Dog

At its best, film comedy can be a vital medium capable of making the exploration of meaningful issues resonate with the unifying power of laughter. Down Dog does not represent the medium at its best. The central problem here is that, as a [read more]

Still Life | Movie review

Still Life

Even though he is a descendent of legendary filmmaker Luchino Visconti, director Uberto Pasolini doesn’t come from the film scene. He worked as an investment banker in London for over ten years before he finally decided to embark on a [read more]

Dear White People | Movie review

Dear White People

Is a bloods and crypts “black face” party ironic, a lampooning of suburbanite voyeurism in an age of   multiculturalism? Or is it casual racism, even a mixture of both? These are the sorts of questions that pack Dear White [read more]

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