Emma-Jane Betts

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  • 3.54
  • Movie review
    Rebel Dykes

    They were young, they were punks, and above all else, they were women who had to fight...

  • Movie review
    New Order

    Streets are stained with blood and green paint during award-winning writer-director Mich...

  • Movie review

    Netflix’s latest original feature, Ferry, the prequel to the crime series Undercover, is an ...

  • Movie review

    Originally released in 2018, Ghanaian Crime caper Lucky makes its debut for the American audie...

  • Movie review
    The Disciple

    The age-old tale of an artist’s melancholic plight is shown in a full, realist...

  • netflix

    A woman’s sexual desires are still, surprisingly, relatively taboo and, let’s face...

  • Theatre
    Every Dollar Is a Soldier/With Money You’re a Dragon at CAN X Two Temple Place online

    Promenade theatre goes fully digital in Chinese Arts Now and Two Temple Place’s production Every Dollar...

  • Movie review
    The Mitchells vs the Machines

    The rise of killer robots is a story that’s entertained view...

  • Theatre
    Cruise online

    The 80s meets modern-day England in Aira Entertainment and Lambert Jackson Produc...

  • netflix
    My Love: Six Stories of True Love

    Healthy, long-lasting relationships are seldom seen on TV,...