Jo Rogers

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A London-based writer and filmmaker, Jo Rogers recently graduated with a BA in digital film production and is now developing herself as a film critic and screenwriter. She loves horror films, crime documentaries, live music and anime, and hopes to pursue a career in alternative documentary and horror filmmaking.

  • Movie review
    The Marker

    When career-criminal Marley unintentionally kills a young mother protecting her daughter during a...

  • Movie review
    Kills on Wheels

    Kills on Wheels gets proactive about tackling diversity in cinema, with awesome results. Director...

  • Movie review
    Goon: Last of the Enforcers

    Seann William Scott is back and sillier than ever in the second instalment of the...

  • Movie review
    Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben (My Blind Date with Life)

    A hilarious “feel-good” German romantic...

  • Movie review
    Summer in the Forest

    Director Randall Wright’s Summer in the Forest provides a thoughtful and refined insight...

  • Movie review
    Slack Bay

    The latest surreal creation of a director normally best known for the seriousness and mature...

  • Movie review
    Varoonegi (Inversion)

    Director Behnam Behzadi’s elevating and insightful Inversion is a gentle but...

  • Movie review
    Réparer les Vivants (Heal the Living)

    An early morning surfing trip is followed by a terrible car accident,...

  • Movie review
    Tickling Giants

    Some argue that “laughter is the best medicine”. This idea is particularly significant within...

  • Movie review
    The Love Witch

    At a glance, with its bold sixties-style wardrobe, garish retro set dressing and deadpan acting,...