Mark Warburton

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Mark is a Warwick postgrad who specialises in social and cultural commentary. He has academic interests in political philosophy, economics, and anthropology. Currently he's putting together a site aggregating his own thoughts, reviews, and features. Read it here:

  • Movie review
    The Decent One

    The Decent One is a documentary film propelled by a narrative patchwork of letters, diary...

  • Movie review

    In the opening shots of Hinterland, several clues to its director’s political allegiance are dotted...

  • Berlinale
    Dorsvloer Vol Confetti

    Tallulah Hazekamp Schwab has hit the ground running with her debut...

  • Berlinale
    How to Win at Checkers

    How to Win at Checkers is a Thai coming-of-age drama based on the...

  • Movie review

    Former students who are versed in the languages of critical theory and semiotics have a...

  • Movie review
    Dear White People

    Is a bloods and crypts “black face” party ironic, a lampooning of suburbanite...

  • Movie review

    Something is afoot in the world of Bruce Willis. Once a bankable action star, he’s...

  • Movie review
    Inherent Vice

    Paul Thomas Anderson has been threatening to go rogue for a while now. Punch Drunk...

  • Movie review
    The Interview

    The Interview starts with a succession of satirical scenes poking fun at the inanity of...

  • Movie review
    A Tale of Samurai Cooking

    A Tale of Samurai Cooking is loosely based on the Funaki family – loyal to...