Oliver Johnston

Oliver is originally from New Zealand and certainly doesn’t roll his eyes when people make Hobbit jokes after being informed of this fact. He studied journalism in Australia, and parlayed that into writing about films. He watches an alarming amount of Netflix.

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  • Movie review
    Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

    For contemporary audiences, movie musicals tend to h...

  • Cinema & Tv

    There’s a timely eeriness to the events and themes masterfully depicted in Shorta. Alongsi...

  • Movie review
    Come Play

    At numerous points during Jacob Chase’s Come Play there’s a sneaking suspicion that ...

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    Misha and the Wolves

    A young Jewish girl in Belgium during World War Two, her survival only pos...

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    The Last Bus

    It’s peculiar to watch a film that’s relentlessly predictable while still being ...

  • Movie review

    An American in peril in a foreign country, being pursued for reasons he doesn’t quite und...

  • Movie review
    The Boy Behind the Door

    Despite its early scenes of carefree children frolicking in sun-drench...

  • Movie review
    Here We Are

    Aharon (Shai Avivi) has a loving and companionable relationship with his autistic son ...

  • Movie review
    The God Committee

    In the late 1950s attempts were made to introduce the element of scent to cine...

  • Movie review

    It takes a great deal of restraint to make a film of such beautiful weirdness as Deerskin,...