Cannes Film Festival 2023


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    The Sweet East

    “They all come from different planets but they are speaking the same...

  • 66232Cannes
    The Animal Kingdom (Le Règne Animal)

    Thomas Cailley’s debut feature, Love at First Fight,...

  • 66232Cannes

    Cannes stalwart Wim Wenders introduces himself to the festival’s 76th (and rather...

  • 66232Cannes
    Kaibutsu (Monster)

    Just last year Hirokazu Kore-eda competed for another Palme d’Or with...

  • 66232Cannes
    Strange Way of Life

    Has any short film garnered as much buzz at Cannes as Strange Way of...

  • 66232Cannes
    Jeanne du Barry

    No stranger to scandals, the Cannes film festival is basking in the...