Editing for The Upcoming

We are looking for assistant editors to contribute to the management of our desks.

This is a fantastic voluntary (unpaid) opportunity for you to gain experience in order to start a successful career in the publishing world.

If working with the media behind the music, cinema, news, fashion, theatre or art industry is your dream, this role is perfect for you

This is a position of responsibility, you will be in charge of assigning and editing the work of the magazine’s writers.

Your desk’s editor will provide you with professional training and daily feedback to help you improve your skills.

The requirements for this position are:

  • Proven ability to write, edit and proofread
  • Capacity to organise and assign articles, interviews and coverage of events
  • An excellent command of English, spoken and written
  • Great attention to detail: typos, grammar errors and fact checking
  • Respect for publication deadlines
  • Availability to work remotely at flexible hours (15 hours a week, flexibly spread)

If you are interested in joining the team of editors please send us a copy of your CV, brief covering letter and samples of writing to recruitment@theupcoming.co.uk.

We are looking for talent rather than experience.