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Saturday 22nd November 2014
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Lowie: Memories stitched with love

  Wednesday 15th February 2012
  Wednesday 15th February 2012
One of my fondest memories growing up as a child was watching my grandmother knit. It was like a fixation of mine. I always got an explanation of what my nani (grandmother) was making and what type of stitch she was about to create. Later on, I got to see my mother carry on that tradition. Then finally it was my turn! Does this evolution sound familiar?

Unfortunately this knack of knitting and crochet seems to be becoming a lost art. The company known as Lowie, started in 2002 by designer Bronwyn Lowenthal, is reviving the knitting and crochet scene, making it “cool” and not just for grandmothers.  The company’s philosophy is simple and honest. Bronwyn’s objective is to produce attractive clothing people want to wear in the most ethical manner without jeopardising the design. “We aim to pay our hand makers and small manufacturers a decent price, while small production runs ensure each piece is a limited edition”.

Here’s something I certainly did not know: hand-washing prolongs the life of the wool garments and gives it much softer texture, as opposed to giving the article for dry-cleaning.

Unlike many design workshops, Bronwyn ensures that her public is aware of where her raw materials originate from and who is a part of the production process. The knitting and crochet are done in Eastern China. The leather belts are from India. Bags, purse and hats are from Turkey. The rest is done in her London studio, which is open to the public every Friday. The most vital part of Bronwyn’s whole development process is that she safeguards there is no child labour involved.

The collections available on the Lowie website are fresh and playful but more essentially practical, comfortable and warm. This is every grandmother’s answer to her dream of bundling up her grandchild. The ranges are vast: from the traditional hats, mittens and socks to modern versions of capes, dresses and playsuits.

With all the love and hard labour Bronwyn puts into guaranteeing her items are eco-friendly and labour friendly, it is evident that this woman has the passion for her trade.  Her collections reinstate that the stitches are here to stay! I already have my wish list for my birthday, do you?

Pooja Sahny

Visit Lowie’s lovely website here.

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