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Fashion ingredients for an active lifestyle: Vevie

  Thursday 17th May 2012

If you were to describe your own gym kit, there’s not much chance that you would be using the words “fabulous” and “stylish”, unless of course you have already invested into Vevie’s exciting sportswear designs.

That’s because at Vevie, their aim is to make exercise fun and enjoyable for women of all ages, and to get rid of baggy jogging bottoms for good!  Founder Caroline Greenslade has entertained the idea of Vevie for many years, but decided to go ahead with it one day in a spin class as she was situated behind rows of droopy tracksuits. She felt that women should feel good and look good when exercising, so decided to do something about it. As an ex-head of lingerie design at Debenhams, Caroline used her extensive experience with manufacturers, design and large retailers to create the business. After a long process of setting up, spring 2012 saw the launch of Vevie online fitness clothing, with an array of active swim, indoor, lifestyle and outdoor ranges.

Accompanying this is the BeVevie lifestyle blog, which is updated regularly with healthy recipes, fitness guides and general tips to lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

The ranges themselves are bursting with colour, prints, cuts and shapes to suit every body, shape and personality. From purple polka-dot racer tops to the classic black tee, every item within the range has been carefully thought about to suit the exercise and lifestyle of the wearer.

Benefits for each garment make Vevie an even more convincing brand to buy into, whether it’s their perfect fit technology to flatter your figure or their four-way stretch to increase movement and flexibility giving you a greater comfort, each piece has been cleverly thought out to increase your comfort and support.

Vevie believe in nurturing home-grown talent as their team of designers hail from British manufacturing business and design colleges. They are extremely proud to be developing a new British brand that is designed in Britain with British expertise and know-how. It is this knowledge that helps to make sure that the fit and technical properties of Vevie’s clothing are the best and most desirable on the market.

Vevie sportswear and exercise clothing really is the best Fashion Ingredients for an active lifestyle – wear Vevie and Be Vevie by clicking here.

Helena Strutt

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